Out There Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 2 CD


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Various Out There Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 2 – CD


1. Johnny Guitar Watson – Space Guitar 1953 A recording way ahead of
its time (Listen to the use of Echo). Sounding like Jimi Hendrix but in
2. Lightning Slim -She’s Gone Passionate raw Blues at its best.
3. Harlem Hamfats -Oh Red 1936 A track that was covered later by Howlin’ Wolf, Count Basie and The Ink Spots
4. Ella Fitzgerald – Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer 1951 The Queen of the Blues sings about ‘Little Green Men’- Wonderful !
5. Mississippi Jook Band – Hittin’ The Bottle Stomp 1936 Inspired Robert Johnson who could have sat in on this session.
6. Will Bradley Trio – Down The Road Apiece 1940 A Boogie Woogie classic.
7. Hank Williams – Rockin’ Chair Money 1949 A genius. A Rock star before Rock ‘n’ Roll was invented.
8. Louis Jordan- Saturday Night Fish Fry 1949 A contender for the first
Rock ‘n’ Roll record.
9. The Boswell Sisters – Rock and Roll 1934 The first mention of the term
‘Rock ‘n’ Roll.
10. Chet Atkins – Oh By Jingo! 1953 A guitarist who influenced Rock guitarists
even today.
11. Samantha Bumgarner & Eva Davis – Big-Eyed Rabbit 1924 An example of a early Rural stringband which sounds almost tribal.
12. Huichol Tribe – Peyote Dance Circa 1950 The rhythm of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
13. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn – Let That Liar Alone Circa 1930 A preacher that influenced Rap.
14. Billy Briggs – Alarm Clock Boogie 1951 Country Boogie at it’s best.
15. Wanda & Ruth Neal – Round Town Girls 1927 Rural music – ‘ Buffalo Girls Go Round The Outside’
16. Son House – My Black Mama pt 1 1930 Slide driven Blues influencing everyone from Robert Johnson to Led Zep.
17. Little Jimmy Dickens – Rockin’ With Red 1953 A Rockabilly standard.
18. Dock Boggs -Country Blues 1927 Talking Mountain Blues before Woddy Guthrie.
19. Dirty Red – Mother Fuyer 1947 A good example of rude Blues, a phenomenon that exists in Rock today.
20. The Picaninny Jug Band – You’ve Gotta Have That Thing’ 1932 One of
the greatest Jug bands with what sounds like a mad Pop song.


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