Various ‘Want to Boogie some more’ The very best of Boogie Woogie 1920’s – 1940’s – DL119

Various ‘Want to Boogie some more’ The very best of Boogie Woogie 1920’s - 1940’s - DL119Various ‘Want to Boogie some more’ The very best of Boogie Woogie 1920’s – 1940’s – DL119

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The origin of the term Boogie-woogie is unknown but it was certainly a term used for ‘rent parties’ as early as 1913 in the Southern States. There’s also a linguistic connection to the African term “Boog” (or “Booga”) which means “to beat”, as in beating a drum. The musical style is also called ‘eight to the bar’ by musicians because much of the style is in 4/4 time.

Boogie Woogie became popular in the 1920’s as a musical genre, with it’s roots firmly set in the Blues, a pounding piano style that got people moving on to the dance floor with it’s infectious hard hitting rhythm. Later on into the 1930’s and 40’s Boogie Woogie  found it’s way into the new Swing era and it can safely be said that without it there would’nt be Rock ’n’ Roll as we know it today, influencing such stellar artists such as Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Get ready to move to this great collection of Boogie’s early pioneers and finest exponents.


1. Clarence ‘Pine top’ Smith – Pine’ Tops’ Blue 1929
2. Ella Mae Morse with Don Raye & Freddie Slack Rhythm Section
– The House of Blue Light 1942
3. Rufus ‘Speckled Red’ Perryman – The Right String but the Wrong Yo Yo 1930
4. Nora Lee King – Cannon Ball 1944
5. Merline Johnson – Want to Boogie Some More 1939
6. Cow Cow Davenport – Cow Cow Blues 1928
7. Earl Hines – Boogie Woogie on St Louis Blues 1945
8. Champion Jack Dupree – Cabbage Greens No1 1940
9. Mata Ray & the Sepia Tones- Boogie1 1944
10. Slim Gaillard – Boogin’ at Bergs’ 1945
11. Pete Johnson – Death Ray Boogie 1941
12. Charlie Spand – Soon This Morning 1940
13. Sidney de Paris – Change O’Key Boogie 1941
14. Meade Lux Lewis – Celeste Blues 1936
15. Roosevelt Sykes – Boot That Thing 1929
16. Cripple Clarence Lofton – Strut That Thing 1935
17. Cleo Brown – Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie 1935
18. Harry James – Woo-Woo 1939
19. Buddy Johnson – Boogie Woogie’s Mother-in-law 1941
20. Charles Avery – Dearborn St Breakdown 1929
21. Albert Ammons – Boogie Woogie Stomp 1936
22. Little Brother Montgomery – No Special Rider Blues 1930
23. Jack McVea – Bartender Boogie 1945
24. The Red Caps – The Boogie Beat ‘ll Getcha 1945