Various 'Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 1' CD/DL-006

Various Unearthed – Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 1 CD/DL-006

Released: March 2001 CD or Download

‘Unearthed’ is a compilation album of Liverpool bands from the late seventies to the early nineties.These hidden gems have been rediscovered and are proof positive of the vast amount of great songwriting and character that Liverpool inspires. Liverpool’s own nuggets featuring The La’s,Space,it’s Immaterial amongst others.


1. The Wild Swans – ‘Melting Blue Delicious’ – Ex-Teardrop Explodes Paul Simpsons Band. Produced by Ian Broudie. 1989
2. The Chuddy Nuddies – ‘Do the Chud’ – Pseudonyn for The Yachts, Erics Single. 1977
3. The Stairs – ‘Skin Up For Me Baby’ – The ultimate garage band.1993
4. Barbel – ‘One Thing’ – A lost gem.1989
5. Space – ‘Gone to Pieces’ – First Space Demo.1992
6. The La’s – ‘Don’t Lock Me Out’ – Recorded in the legendary Stables. 1987
7. The Dance Party – ‘Where I’ve Been’ – Kensingtons answer to The Strawberry Alarm Clock. 1980
8. The Balcony – ‘A Cover Version’ – Yorkies first band (Space). 1982
9. The High Five – ‘Working for The Man’ – John Peel favourite. 1984
10. It’s Immaterial – ‘New Moon’ – Unreleased until now. 1992
11. St Vitus Dance – ‘The Silence’ – A great Probe Plus discovery. 1987
12. A Shallow Madness – ‘Straight Rain’ – The Pre-Teardrop Explodes. 1979
13. Magic Clock – ‘Strawberry’ – Psychedelic Rock Masterpiece. 1991
14. The Melotones – ‘I walked for a Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy’ – No further information needed!!!!. 1983
15. Benny Profane – ‘Skateboard to Oblivion’ – Ex-The Room. 1989
16. The Tambourines – ‘5 Miles Wide’ – Classic singer / songwriting. 1991

  • ‘Storming Collection of scouse nuggets – Local heroes by the bucketload’ Uncut April 2001
  • ‘It’s not just seventies bands, this worthy compilation spans Liverpool’s music scene up to the early nineties. Roll on Volume Two’ Big Issue In The North March 2001
  • ‘The Mancs had eclipsed the Scousers by the end of the 80s, this collection of rare and unreleased tracks regains some ground. Psychedelia and trance like guitars’ MOJO April 2001
  • ‘This obscuro-archaeology is exemplary’ Q July 2001
  • ‘Its a superlative collection of forgotten mini classics’ Record Collector May 2001
  • ‘Mersey Nuggets – A goldmine,with under-aired pop,post-punk and rock gems byt The Stairs, St Vitus Dance, The Melotones etc. Heartily recommended.’ Ian Harrison, Mojo, April 2010.
  • ‘Mersey hopefuls’ Terry Staunton, Record Collector, May 2010.