Various – ‘The Ultimate Honky Tonk Album’ US Honky Tonk Songs 1940 – 1960 – DL096

Various - ‘The Ultimate Honky Tonk Album’ US Honky Tonk Songs 1940 – 1960 - DL096Various – ‘The Ultimate Honky Tonk Album’ US Honky Tonk Songs 1940 – 1960 – DL096

Released: 23rd September 2013, Download Only

The term Honky Tonk was first used in Texas in the late 1800’s. It was associated with bars and saloons that staged music performances to entertain a cowboy clientele in the deep South of the United States. It was also associated with a style of piano playing that goes back to the English Music Halls of the Victorian era. When Jazz influenced Western Swing bands toured the Southern States they relied on these venues to air their wares. After World War Two the Honky Tonk became more associated with Country music and a place where working class men and women could be entertained and allowed to let down their hair on a Saturday night after a hard working week. Eventually the Honky Tonk played an important part in the development and spread of Rock n Roll across the United States with the introduction of a record machine called ‘the Jukebox’.
So many great songs celebrate the Honky Tonk (and just as many lament their popularity in a puritanical deeply religious area of the United States) Here are twenty hand picked Honky Tonk  tunes to set your heart a racing and your feet a stompin’ on the Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor!


1. Johnny Horton – Honky Tonk man 1956
2. Hank Williams – Honky Tonk Blues 1949
3. Loretta Lynn – I’m a Honky Tonk girl 1960
4. Jess Willard – Honky Tonk hardwood floor 1957
5. Bobby Sisco – Honky Tonkin’ rhythm 1951
6. Billy Briggs – Honky Tonky Baby 1952
7. Mel Tillis – Honky Tonk song 1957
8. Carl Perkins – Honky Tonk Gal 1954
9. Al Dexter – Poor Little Honky Tonk Girl circa 1940
10. Bob Gallion – Out of a Honky Tonk 1957
11. Maddox Brothers & Rose – Honky Tonkin’ 1948
12. Charlie Feathers – Honky Tonk kind 1950
13. Joe Cannonball Lewis – You’ve been Honky Tonkin’ 1953
14. Lefty Frizzell – If you’ve got the Money ( I’ve got the Time ) 1950
15. Kitty Wells – It wasn’t God that made Honky Tonk Angels 1952
16. Arthur Hardrock Gunter – Honky Tonk Blues 1951
17. Tommy Blake – Honky Tonk mind ( the women I need ) 1957
18. George McCormick – Fifty – Fifty Honky Tonkin’ 1953
19. Hank Thompson – A six pack to go 1960
20. Little Jimmy Dickens – Closing Time 1954