Various The Ultimate 50’s and 60’s Rockin’ Horror Disc CD-018

018Various The Ultimate 50’s and 60’s Rockin’ Horror Disc CD-018

Released: Out Of Print

After the release of ‘The Ultimate 50’s Rockin’ Sci-Fi Disc’ , The Viper Label now takes a look into another 1950’s fascination of the unknown, that of the Horror genre. This album once again tells the story of a more innocent and naive time, a time of stability after the dark years of World War Two. People could now enjoy themselves again and let their imaginations run riot with past times such as comics, drive in movies and TV shows ‘The Munsters’ and ‘The Adams Family’. All these factors influenced musicians.Most of these songs are completely unknown by unknowns. This is the first time that these unique recordings have been put together in a collection and in that respect, this is an important cultural record of a time long since gone but the songs should be loved and remembered- Forever.



1. I’m the Wolf Man – Round Robin
2. Ghost Train – The Swanks
3. The Monster Hop – Bert Convy
4. The Vampires – Archie King
5. The Cave (Part 1) – Gary “Spider” Webb
6. Igor’s Party – Tonys Monstrosities
7. Voodoo Voodoo – Lavern Baker
8. Werewolf – The Frantics
9. Midnight Monster Hop – Jack & Jim
10. Graveyard – Leroy Bowman
11. Watusi Zombie – Jan Davis
12. I was a Teenage Creature – Lord Luther
13. Red Ridin’ Hood & the Wolf – Bunker Hill
14. The Big Green – Igor and the Maniacs
15. Morgus the Magnificent – Morgus & the Three Ghouls
16. She’s my Witch – Kip Tyler
17. The Cave ( Part 2) – Gary “Spider” Webb
18. Vampires Ball – Mann Drake
19. Monster Holiday – Lou Chaney
20. Night of the Werewolf – Lee Kristofferson

  • ‘Great stuff- a timely release as winter draws on and shadows lengthen’ Chris Woodford ‘Now Dig This’ Nov. 2003
  • ‘A relatively short- lived fashion for records dealing with themes such as ghosts etc inspired some original sounds and ideas, which proved significant to the ongoing direction of popular music’ Bob Solly, Record Collector Dec 2003
  • ‘Essential’ Florence Halfon, Uncut, 4 Star review. Jan 2004
  • ‘Listen to these exhumed delights while joyriding with Zombies in your customised Ed ‘ Daddy ‘ Roth hearse- jalopy’ Ian Harrison, MOJO, Jan 2004
  • ‘An important historical artefact and something thats brilliant to enjoy and jump around to’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin + Hollerin. com, Dec 2003