Various The Ultimate 30’s and 40’s Reefer Songs CD/DL-021

021Various The Ultimate 30’s and 40’s Reefer Songs CD/DL-021

Released: April 2004, CD Reissued: April 2009, CD – Download

A bumper crop of Original, Reefer influenced Jazz, Blues & Swing from 1930’s & 1940’s America.
Marijuana has been around from the beginnings of time and has played a key role in various civilizations. In the first half of the 20th Century jazz culture took hold, marijuana was still legal and proved popular with the musicians of the day, some would say influencing and helping them along their way. Even so its use was still kept relatively underground in an already conservative America, resulting in the use of various alisas such as ‘Jive’, ‘Golden Leaf ’, ‘Texas Tea’, ‘Viper’ and others too numerous to mention.Eventually Middle Class White American worries over its corrupting influences won the day and it was banned in 1933 in 33 states with the rest following suit some 3 years later.In many ways these were the pop records of the day, as they were often no more than 3 mins long and obtained national appeal from the Radio and Record Companies. ( This was the bedrock on which pop culture was laid ). This is an important cultural record of a time long since gone but the songs should be loved and remembered – forever.The use of Marijuana within society and it’s influence on musicians whether it is legal or not has never gone away- nor will it.



1. ‘The Reefer Song’ by Fats Waller – 1943
2. ‘Reefer Man’ by Cab Calloway- 1932
3. ‘Wacky Dust’ by Ella Fitzgerald & the Chick Webb Orchestra-1938
4. ‘Killin’ Jive’ by The Cats & The Fiddle-1939
5. ‘Sweet Marihuana Brown’ by Barney Bigard Sextet-1945
6. ‘Viper Mad’ by Sidney Bechet with The Noble Sissle’s Swingers- 1938
7. ‘Mellow Stuff’ by Lil Johnson-1937 8) ‘Here Comes The Man with the Jive ’ by Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys- 1936
9. ‘Save The Roach for Me ’ by Buck Washington-1944
10. ‘When I Get Low I Get High’ by Chick Webb & His Orchestra-1936
11. ‘Weed Smokers Dream’ by The Harlem Hamfats-1936
12. ‘The Stuff is Here’ by Georgie White-1937
13. ‘Reefer Head Women’ by Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys-1938
14. ‘Weed’ by Bea Foote-1938
15. ‘I’m Gonna Get High’ by Tampa Red & the Chicago Five-1937
16. ‘Light Up’ by Buster Balley’s Rhythm Busters-1938
17. ‘Jack I’m Mellow’ by Trixie Smith-1938
18. ‘Smoking Reefers’ by Larry Adler-1938
19. ‘Knockin’ Myself Out’ by Yack Taylor-1941
20. ‘All the Jive is Gone’ by Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds Of Joy-1936

  • ‘A bumper-crop of weed inspired jazz from the swing era – This collection makes great listening even if you’re not a viper’ 5 Star review, Florence Halfon,Uncut, May 2004
  •  ‘It’s difficult to see why fans of jazz, blues and swing wouldn’t enjoy this collection’ Michael Cragg, Record Collector, May 2004
  •  ‘Many of the classics from the golden era of jazz cigarettes are now collected on this brilliant compilation. It makes for a high-energy, hugely entertaining listen’ Ally Fogg, Big Issue in the North, May 2004
  •  ‘Excellent compilation. Highly enjoyable and hugely entertaining. Its a real bumper crop’ Jamie Bowman, The Word May 2009.
  • ”Not just for smokers, but anyone with a sense of humour and rhythm’ Laith Al Kaisey, Record Collector, June 2009.