Various ‘The Train Kept a Rollin’ – A musical History of the American Railroad 1920’s -50’s – DL076

076Various ‘The Train Kept a Rollin’ – A musical History of the American Railroad 1920’s -50’s – DL076

Released: 11th July 2011, Download Onl

It was the great advancement of the railroad in the mid Nineteenth Century that formed The United States of America that we know today. Before those rails were laid, progress heading west into the great expanse was slow and laborious. The native peoples called the first steam train, The Iron Horse, and it signaled the end of their culture forever. These arteries that cut through mountains and traversed the plains opened up a continent and created new towns and cities. Each new colony would have its songs based around the railroad, Hobo’s would jump freight trains as a free form of transport, and the trains’ whistle would become a familiar sound all over the land. Little wonder there is such a wealth of great music that records the history of the railroad- and so the history of a Nation, from the earliest harmonica driven blues, right up to the hard, piston driven, rhythms of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


  1. Macabee’s Railroad piece – Palmer Mc Abee 1928
  2. Waiting for a Train – Jimmie Rogers 1928
  3. When the Golden Train comes down – Sons of Pioneers 1934
  4. Riding on that Train – Steve Ledford, Wade Mainer + Zeke Morris 1937
  5. This Train – Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1939
  6. Little Black Train – Woody Guthrie 1944
  7. Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie – Louis Jordan 1946
  8. Train Time Blues – Cecil Gant 1946
  9. Pan American – Hank Williams 1947
  10. Devil’s Train – Roy Acuff 1947
  11. Take the ‘A’ Train – The Delta Rhythm Boys circa 1949
  12. Pine Knot Cannonball – George Edgin 1950
  13. Train, Whistle, Nightmare – Joe ‘Cannonball’ Lewis 1951
  14. Freight Train Boogie – Red Foley 1952
  15. Mainliner – Little Esther & the Robins 1952
  16. Mystery Train – Little Junior Parker & his Blue Flames 1953
  17. Train, Train, Train – Danny Overbea & his Combo 1953
  18. Mean Old Train – Papa Lightfoot 1954
  19. Mean Old Train – Lightning Slim 1954
  20. Down Bound Train – Chuck Berry 1955
  21. Down Home Special – Bo Diddley 1956
  22. The Train Kept a Rollin’ – Johnny Burnette 1956
  23. All aboard – Muddy Waters 1956
  24. No 9 Train – Tarheal Slim 1958