Various The Great Liverpool Acoustic Experiment CD/DL-010Various The Great Liverpool Acoustic Experiment CD/DL-010

Released: March 2002, CD-Download

A unique and comtemporary acoustic based compilation. Featuring Liverpool based singer songwriters and bands, such as The Christians, Ian McNabb, The Hokum Clones, Edgar Summertyme amongst others.


1. Lin Sangster- ‘I Saw the Sun’ – Beautiful and inventive.
2. Space -‘Female of the Species’ – A stripped down version of their massive top 20 hit.
3. Steve Roberts-‘Holy Moses’ – Steve’s first release since his mercury nominated album ‘It Just Is’.
4. Edgar Summertyme-‘Mister can you tell me ?’ – The Former Stairs and Big Kids singer releases a soul classic.
5. The Hokum Clones-‘If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day’ -Live from the Merseyssippi Delta.
6. Howie Payne-‘In So Many Ways’ – The Sound of Laurel Canyon 1968 relocated to Sefton Park.
7. Nick Saunders-‘Resonance’ -Resonating with a respected nod to the glory of British Songwriters.
8. It’s Immaterial-‘Just Drive’ – A trilogy of road related romances.
9. Mike Badger-‘Memphis,Egypt’ – A new song previously unreleased by The La’s founder.
10. Una Quinn-‘I Lie’ – The voice of an angel.
11. Junebug-‘Down’ – In any sane universe this would be a contender for the Hit Parade.
12. Martyn Campbell-‘Splinters’ – The former Lightning Seeds bassman swaps four strings for six and comes up trumps.
13. Mother Lovers-‘Rex’ – A new band formed from the ashes of Tramp Attack.
14. Ian McNabb-‘When It All Comes Down’ – A live Favourite from the former Icicle Works singer / songwriter.
15. Pontoon-‘The Spider Song’ – One of the creepiest songs you will ever hear !
16. Yorkie-‘ In and Out of Love’ – An infamous figure from Liverpool’s music scene.
17. The Christians- ‘Father’ – A live outing from the fathers of sweet soul harmony.
18. Pete Wilkinson – ‘Cradle Song’ – A beautiful psychedelic lullaby.

  • ‘Ultimately, this album, reaffirms Liverpool’s music scene as varied and innovative. A must’ Big Issue in the North, March 2002
  • ‘A collectors item if ever there was one. Anyone who has ever listened to and loved Liverpool music needs this album – and that means all of you’Daily Post, Emma Yates
  • ‘It’s not often an album comes along that makes me dizzy with delight..but the Great Liverpool Acoustic Experiment is irresistable’ Liverpool Echo, Debbie Johnson
  • ‘The Viper Label should be commended for compiling a record that comes close to being the perfect compilation, yes it is really that good’, Customer reviews
  • ‘Acoustic ‘Female of the Species’ “That really knocked it out the ball park’ Jonathan Ross BBC Radio 2
  • ‘Liverpool spawned the greatest guitar band of them all – The Beatles. The strummers on this compilation continue that tradition in style – FAB!’ OK (Hotstars)