Various ‘Rockin’ 1950’s Cats’ Rare US Rockabilly Cat Songs DL-057

057Various ‘Rockin’ 1950’s Cats’ Rare US Rockabilly Cat Songs DL-057

Released: 18th Oct 2009, Download Only

‘Cat’ has been used as a term in popular music since the Jazz years of the 1920’s. Revered by the ancient Egyptians cats have a mystique and grace all over their own- no wonder these independent and mysterious animals became such a by word for Cool in music from Hep Cats , Be Boppers and right through into 1950’s Rock n Roll.
The recordings on this unique compilation are mainly by obscure Rockabilly artists who have long been forgotten – until now. Get your cat clothes on, strut your stuff and dig these real gone cool cats!


1. Bear Cat – Rufus Thomas Jr 1953
2. Cattin’ Around-  Charlie Adams 1954
3. County Cattin’ –  Jimmy Swan 1956
4. Big Black Cat – RD Hendon and The Western Jamboree Cowboys 1957
5. Put Your Cat Clothes On – Carl Perkins 1957
6. Rock Cats Rock- Herb Ivey and The Swingsters 1957
7. Cat Man – Gene Vincent 1957
8. Cool Cat – Joe Montgomery 1956
9.  Catty Town – Pee Wee King 1956
10. Cat Talk- Lew Williams 1956
11. Cat Music – Tommy Scott 1955
12. Real Cool Cat – Sony Burns 1955
13. Go Cat Go – Bill Flagg  1956
14. Purr Kitty Purr – Sid King and The Five Strings 1955
15. Cat Just Got into Town – Bill Mack 1956
16. Cat Daddy – Jimmy Johnson 1956
17. Wild Cat Boogie – Forest Rye 1953
18. Tom Catin’ Around – Jimmy Selph 1956
19. Tom Cat Boogie – Lynn Pratt 1956
20.  Here Kitty Kitty- Jimmy Murphy 1955
  • ’20 hopped up feline rockabilly jamborees. Mee-ow!’ Andrew Male, 4 Stars MOJO, Jan 2010.
  • ‘There’s something about cats and Rock ‘n’ Roll that just seems right. Vipers knack of finding themes to make compilations with great premises continues unabated.‘ Jake Kennedy, Record Collector, Jan 2010.