Various – ‘Ramblin’ Men’ – US Ramblin’ Hobo Songs 1929 – 1961 – DL095

Various - ‘Ramblin’ Men’ - US Ramblin’ Hobo Songs 1929 – 1961 - DL095Various – ‘Ramblin’ Men’ –  US Ramblin’ Hobo Songs 1929 – 1961 – DL095

Released: 9th September 2013, Download Only

The vastness of North America with it’s variety of landscapes, towns and cities meant that travel was a huge part in the development of the nation.You had to travel during hard times to find work, this could involve great distances across prairies, mountain roads, deserts and highways. Migrant workers could converge on mass at the chance to earn a dollar, some folks just dropped out of society and took their chance on the road to discover a new life as Hoboes sleeping under the stars and travelling in box cars.  Hobo’s even developed their own coded language of symbols chalked on to gates and fence posts telling friends where they could find work , a bed for the night or a hot meal. Since the very start of country music Jimmie Rogers romanticised about the Lonely Hobo drifting from town to town, Woody Guthrie carried on the tradition doing some Hard Travelling to every state himself! And later the great Hank Williams sang the haunting Ramblin’ Man. It was a tough life on the road and this remained a common thread in American music right into the 1960’s-  in the words of Otis Rush………… ‘So many Roads So Many Trains’


1. Hank Williams – Ramblin’ Man 1951
2. The Delmare Brothers – I let the Freight Train carry me on 1951
3. Hank Snow – I’m Movin’ on 1950
4. Woody Guthrie – Hard Travelin’ 1946
5. Robert Johnston – Rambling on my Mind ( Version 2 ) 1936
6. Bo Diddley – Travelin’ West 1960
7. Otis Rush – So many Roads, so many Trains 1960
8. Big Bill Broonzy – Key to the Highway 1941
9. Denny Reeves – I’m a Hobo 1961
10. Almoth Hodges – Hobo from the T & P Line 1930
11. Red Foley – Hobo Boogie 1951
12. Henry Thomas – Railroadin’ Some 1929
13. Benny Martin – Hobo 1957
14. Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker – Weary Hobo 1951
15. Wright Holmes – Good Road Blues 1947
16. Leadbelly & Woody Guthrie – Alabama Bound 1946
17. Nashville Washboard Band – Arkansas Traveller 1942
18. Lonnie Johnson– Rambler’s Blues 1942
19. Tommy Nelson – Hobo Bop 1960
20. Jimmie Rodgers – Hobo Bill’s Last ride 1929