Various Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus,Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree CD/DL-019

019Various Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus,Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree CD/DL-019

Released: November 2003, CD-Download

Once a year Christmas comes and once a year we will listen to the same boring Christmas tunes. The Viper Label decided that enough was enough and decided to delve into the music of the past. What was unearthed was a treasure trove of amazing Christmas songs dating from the 1920’s to the 1950’s most of which had never been heard, whether it was Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll or otherwise. These songs have an irresistable charm and range from the bizarre (‘ Santa to the Moon ‘ by Sonny Cale), the amazing (‘ Hey Santa Claus ‘ by The Moonglows), to the plain crazy. (‘ Baby Sittin’ Santa ‘ by Barry Richards)This is the first time such a collection has been gathered together for your festive enjoyment. This is the essential Christmas album – And about time too.



1. Hey Santa Claus – The Moonglows 1953
2. Santa Claus Won’t Come This Year – Charlie Stewart Unknown
3. Boogie Woogie Santa – Mabel Scott 1948
4. Santa’s Secret – Johnny Guarnieri with Slam Stewart 1944
5. Lonesome Christmas – Lowell Fulson 1950
6. Christmas Boogie – Sugar ‘Chile’ Robinson 1950
7. Answer to Maple on The Hill – The Dixon Brothers 1935
8. Mr Santa Boogie – The Marshall Brothers 1951
9. Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus, Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree – Butterbeans & Susie 1930
10. Bells Of St Marys – Beverley King Unknown
11. Santa Claus Baby – The Voices 1955
12. Santa’s Helper – Joe Poovey Circa 1955
13. Baby Sittin’ Santa – Barry Richards Unknown
14. Merry Christmas Baby – Charles Brown Circa 1955
15. Santa To The Moon – Sonny Cole Circa 1950
16. Rock ‘n’ Roll Santa – Little Joey Farr Circa 1955
17. Christmas and New Year Blues ( Christmas Is On Me) – Tampa Red 1934
18. Jingle Bells Boogie – Jody Levins Circa 1950
19. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – The Pilgrim Travellers 1952
20. Happy New Year To You – The Qualities Circa 1950

  • ‘This collection of festive originals boosts rare gems as well as famous names. Even harder to believe-until you hear it-is that this disc will still stand as great roots music long after the yuletide season is over’ Florence Halfon,Five star review, Uncut magazine, December 2003
  • ‘A fine, surreally-inclined and lovingly compiled collection of alternative Xmas anthems you should be delighted to find poking out of your stocking’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin +, Dec 2003