Various Le Midland Two -Step The very best of Cajun Vol 2 1920’s – 1930’s – DL113

Various Le Midland Two -Step The very best of Cajun Vol 2 1920’s - 1930’s - DL113VARIOUS ‘Le Midland Two -Step’ The very best of Cajun Vol 2 1920’s – 1930’s – DL113

Released: 29th February 2016, Download Only

Cajun music stems from the beautiful story telling ballads and dance music of the French Acadians (of Canadian descent Cajun is a derivative of Acadia). The Cajun people arrived in Louisiana in the mid to late 1700’s after being displaced from their Canadian refuge by the British, bringing with them their French heritage. Louisiana was an extremely tough environment to colonise, a labyrinth of rivers, swamps and ‘bayous’ infested with mosquitoes and alligators, but after the long journey South  these strong people made it their home. (The term Creole refers to someone from Louisiana of mixed racial ancestry)

Along with the fiddle, the accordion became the musicians instrument of choice (the imported accordion became more affordable by the late 19th Century) and both where intertwined  for Waltzes and Two Steps at local parties and dances.
The music on these two albums, was recorded in the 1920’s and 1930’s and gained popularity due to the availability of phonographs. Most of the essential  names in Cajun music feature on these two volumes with such pioneering musicians as:

Joe Falcon, Amede Ardoin, Segura Brothers, Leo Soileau, Dennis McGee, The Hackberry Ramblers, The Alley Boys of Abbeville and many more….
Another album by the Viper Label that illustrates the rich and varied pedigree of great American music.


1. Amedee Breaux – Le Blues Du Petite Chien 1934
2. McGhee & Courville –  Allon A Tassone 1929
3. Amede Ardoin- Le Midland Two – Step 1934
4. Dudley & James Fawvor –  La Valse De Creole   1928
5. Breaux Freres – Egan One Step  1934
6. Thibodeaux Boys – Merrymaker’s Hop 1936
7. Jolly Boys of Lafayette –  Cala Houla Breakdown 1937
8. Joe Werner & the Ramblers –  The answer to the Weeping Willow  1937
9. The Hackberry Ramblers – Just Because  1935
10. Oscar Doueet & Alius Soileau – Oh Bebe 1929
11.  Artelus Mistric – Belle of Pont Clare 1929
12.  The Segura Brothers –  A mosquito ate up my sweetheart 1928
13. The Alley Boys of Abbeville – Je Vas Jamais Lessair Pleurer 1939
14. Guidry Brothers  –  Le Recommendation Du Soulard  1929
15. Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard –  Baoille  1929
16. Joe Falcon  –  lls La Volet Mon Tracas  1934
17. Floyd Shreve & the Three Acres –  Lonesome Blues  1935
18. Leo Soileau – Mama where you at 1928
19. Lennis Sonnier  – Jolie Blonde 1936
20. Floyd Rainwater- Vinton High Society 1936