Various Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 2 1920’s – 1940’s – DL107

Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 2 1920’s - 1940’s - DL107Essential Pioneers of Country Music Vol 2 1920’s – 1940’s – DL107

Released: 27th April 2015, Download Only

Country Music has always been one of the main staples in the history of American music.
It’s origins stem from the European migrants who settled in the Appalachian mountains (known as: Hillbillys) and white farm workers in the Southern States who had brought traditional ballads and Celtic folk tunes from their homelands across the Atlantic. This music took on different forms as their American rural lives offered up new folklore
bringing along such themes as Cowboy music, Mountain rags and maybe a small dose of the Blues. In fact it could even be said that ‘Old Time Country Music’ was the ‘White Man’s Blues’
helping these people through tough lives eking out a living in often very harsh environments.  Country music gained great popularity and commercial appeal with the emergence of  independent radio stations in the 1930’s & 40’s, one of the most influential of these was broadcast from the now world famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee.  This series of Essential Pioneers of Country can serve as an introduction to some of the best originators of the genre. Volume 2 features such luminaires as: Jimmie Rodgers, The Farr Brothers & Milton Brown, as well as unearthing classic rarities by relatively unknown performers. Another essential album from The Viper Label.


1. Milton Brown – The eyes of Texas 1936
2. Al Dexter – Answer to Honky Tonk Blues 1938
3. Jimmie Rodgers – Pistol Packin’ Papa 1930
4. Bascom Lamar Lunsford – I wish I was a mole in the ground 1928
5. Sons of the West – Oh Susannah 1936
6. Otto Gray & his Oklahama Cowboys – Who broke the lock on the hen house door 1931
7. Chuck Wagon Gang – We are climbing 1940
8. JD Farley – Bill was a Texas lad 1929
9. Patsy Montana – My Poncho Pony 1939
10. Walter Hurdt  – Fiddle and guitar running wild 1938
11. Darby & Tarlton – Columbus Stockade 1927
12. Ruby Blevins – Montana Plains 1934
13. Dave Mc Carn – Cotton Mill Colie 1936
14. Powder River Jack Lee – Powder River let’er buck 1936
15. The Farr Brothers – Deed I do 1939
16. Da Costa Waltz’s Southern Broadcasters – Take me back to the sweet sunny South 1927
17. Haymire Mac McLintock – Hallelujah I’m a Bum 1933
18. Callahan Brothers – Somebody’s been using that thing 1932
19. Carolina Tar Heels – Bring me a leaf from the Sea 1927
20. Oscar L Coffey – Six feet of earth makes us all one size 1928