Various ‘Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama’ Risque 1920’s – 1950’s – DL072

072Various ‘Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama’ Risque 1920’s – 1950’s – DL072

Released: 18th April 2011, Download Only

In Twentieth Century America strict censorship and Christian morals meant that artists had to disguise the true meaning of their songs using double-entendre and innuendo.
Great popular music has always had sex appeal, though naturally there had to be an effective way of putting this naughty but entertaining message over to the wider public.

Thus was born a Risqué musical genre- from Blues made in the 1920’s and onward into the origins of 1950’s Rock n Roll. The appeal to the more liberated men and women who knew the coded messages in these songs was ultimately that:
although we all do it, it just aint right to advertise the fact!.—-Sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. Sam – The Hot Dog Man – Lil Johnson 1936
  2. Shake it, Baby – Blind Boy Fuller 1940
  3. Kitchen Man – Bessie Smith 1929
  4. Sixty minute Man – The Dominoes 1951
  5. Don’t tear my clothes – The Chicago Black Swans 1937
  6. Let Me squeeze your Lemons – Charlie Pickett 1937
  7. Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama – Butterbeans & Suzie 1930
  8. You got to give me some of it – Buddy Moss 1933
  9. Keep on eatin’ – Memphis Minnie 1938
  10. My Daddy was a Jockey – John Lee Hooker 1951
  11. Don’t you make me High – Merline Johnson 1938
  12. Mother Fuyer – Dirty Red 1947
  13. Lead Pencil Blues – Johnny Temple 1935
  14. I wonder who’s boogiein’ my woogie now – Oscar’s Chicago Swingers 1936
  15. My Handy Man – Ethel Waters 1928
  16. Caught us doin’ it – The Hokum Boys 1935
  17. Press my button, Ring my Bell – Lil Johnson & Black Bob 1936
  18. Baby let me bang your box – The Toppers 1954
  19. Ash Can Blues – Bob Clifford 1934
  20. I wonder where my Easy Riders’ gone – Tampa Red & Half Pint Jaxon 1929
  • ‘It’s raw, raucous, grown up late night hilarity made for and by people whose lives could be pretty grim.- Wholesome smut.’ Whisperinandhollerin, Sept 2011.