Various – ‘Don’t take your Guns to Town’ US Gun Songs & Murder Ballads 1930 – 1960 – DL097

Various - ‘Don’t take your Guns to Town’ US Gun Songs & Murder Ballads 1930 – 1960 - DL097Various – ‘Don’t take your Guns to Town’ US Gun Songs & Murder Ballads 1930 – 1960 – DL097

Released: 23rd September 2013, Download Only

For obvious reasons the gun has always been a hot topic, engrained in American culture and a big part of its history, ‘The right to bare arms’ is part of the United States second amendment. Whilst gun enthusiasts have recently been stocking up, scared at the prospect of regulation being brought in to prohibit the sale of firearms, the debate rages on in a Nation that was forged in gunfire -as yet another heart breaking atrocity takes place. Here at Viper we are intrigued by the music and culture of North America and the status of the gun as a theme in it’s musical history is self evident. From the gun toting cowboys of the Wild West and Gangsters shooting each other, hunting and on through to the mid Twentieth Century and the use of guns to settle domestic disputes, there is a wealth of gun related material to choose from. Here are twenty such tracks that will help shine a reflective light on a nations insistence to protect itself, whilst too often suffering at its sheer abundance of firearms.
You can’t help thinking that Johnny Cash might have been speaking wise words in the opening track- ‘Don’t Take your Guns to Town’.


1. Johnny Cash – Don’t take your Guns to Town 1958
2. Cecil Gant – Shotgun Boogie 1951
3. Bill Bowen with the Rockets – Don’t shoot me Baby (I’m not ready to Die) 1956
4. Jimmie Rogers – Pistol Packin’ Papa 1930
5. Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith – Who shot Willie? 1951
6. Cisco Houston – The Killer 1953
7. George Jones – Who shot Sam 1959
8. Toby Stroud and the Blue Mountain Boys – Jesse James 1954
9. Brownie McGhee – Betty and Dupree 1958
10. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley’s a Gunslinger 1960
11. Burl Ives – The Streets of Laredo 1945
12. Eddie Hill – Buckshot 1953
13. Al Dexter and his Troopers – Pistol Packin’ Mama 1943
14. Charlie Feathers – Dinky John 1960
15. Molly O’Day and the Cumberland Mountain Boys – Poor Ellen Smith 1949
16. Woody Guthrie – Billy the Kid 1944
17. Janis and her Boyfriends – Bang Bang 1958
18. Marty Robbins – Running Gun 1959
19. Eddie Mack – Shotgun Boogie 1951
20. Gene Vincent – Pistol Packin’ Mama 1960