Various ‘All You Need Is Money!’ American Money Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s – DL-059

059Various ‘All You Need Is Money!’ American Money Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s – DL-059

Released: 22nd Nov 2009, Download Only

Money affects everybody, be they rich or poor and it influences many life decisions. As so many musicians have had to survive on the bread line, it comes as no surprise that it features as the central theme in many songs across all musical genres from Country, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll – It’s the ‘root of all evil’ and yet is so often the measure of ‘success’. Money can also be more trouble than it’s worth, but ultimately with out it you’ll end up on Skid Row! This is the first time Money has been used as a theme for an album and is a particularly pertinent subject considering the current economical times.


1. Keep a Dollar in your Pocket – Roy Milton 1947
2. If I had a Million Dollars – The Boswell Sisters 1934
3. Stack of Dollars – Big Joe Williams 1947
4. If you’ve got the Money – Lefty Frizzell 1950
5. Get Rich Quick – Little Richard 1951
6. My Money never runs out – Banjo Joe 1927
7. Happy Pay Day – Little Willie Littlefield 1950
8. Money Musk – Michael Cruise 1942
9. Rent Day Blues – Earl Thomas 1936
10. Gas Money- Jan & Arnie 1958
11. All my moneys gone blues – Roosevelt Sykes 1929
12. Give me back my Fifteen Cents – Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers 1928
13. Rags to Riches – Billy Ward and the Dominoes 1953
14. Inflation Blues – Jack Mc Vea 1947
15. House Rent Blues – Sidney Bechet with Clarence Williams 1923
16. Money Honey – Clyde Mc Phatter 1953
17. Money Blues – Bessie Smith 1926
18. Greenback Dollar – ‘Chick’ Morris 1957
19. Sales Tax on it – Harlem Hamfats 1936
20. House Rent Stomp – Big Bill Broozy 1951
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