Various – ‘All I have to do is Dream’ -US Dream Songs 1923 – 1960 – DL094

Various - ‘All I have to do is Dream’ -US Dream Songs 1923 – 1960 - DL094Various – ‘All I have to do is Dream’  -US Dream Songs 1923 – 1960 – DL094

Released: 9th September 2013, Download Only

Dreams are a large, mysterious part of our lives, apparently we dream every night but don’t always remember what went on in that ethereal world we visit in the dark hours, sometimes we do remember and it dumfounds us, what did that mean? According to the great psychoanalysts of the Twentieth Century (such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud), dreams are the language of the mind, a vocabulary of pictures and symbols. We don’t have to be asleep to dream though, sometimes we drift away into a day dream, a fantasy of somewhere we would like to be or a romantic notion of deep seated desire. Naturally dreams have been a common theme throughout the development of popular music- like music itself they are fluid and unshackled by the restraints of material living- turn off the world, sit back and drift away with this delightful collection of dream songs………………


1. Everly Brothers – All I have to do is Dream 1958
2. Buddy Holly – Moon Dreams 1959
3. The Harlem Hamfats – Weed Smokers Dream 1936
4. The Vocaleers – Is it a Dream? 1952
5. Johnny Cash – Oh what a Dream 1958
6. Louis Armstrong – Dream a little Dream of me 1947
7. Les Paul – Whose Dream are you? 1945
8. Bud Deckelmen with the Day dreamers – Daydreamin’ 1954
9. The Flamingo’s – Dream of a Lifetime 1956
10. Jasper Bisbee – The Devil’s Dream 1923
11. Johnny Preston – Dream 1960
12. Billie Holiday – Dream of Life 1939
13. Louis Innis and his String Dusters – My Dreamboat struck a snag 1950
14. Blue Sky Boys – Prisoner’s Dream 1938
15. Tommy Bell – Midnight Dreams 1959
16. Buddy Bain, Kay Wayne, Merle (Red) Taylor with the Hayriders – Daydreams, come true 1956
17. Little Willie Cotton – A Dream 1952
18. Bonnie Lou – Miss the Love I’ve been Dreaming 1956
19. Harold Jenkins – Crazy Dreams 1956
20. Nat King Cole – Dreams can tell a Lie 1955