Various ’21st Century Liverpool Underground’ CD/DL-030

030Various ’21st Century Liverpool Underground’ CD/DL-030

Released: August 2005, CD-download

‘21st Century Liverpool Underground’ is an album of classic cuts by three influential bands that have spearheaded what has been called ‘ the new wave ‘/ ‘cosmic scouse’- each of whom are important in their own right. First up are The Big Kids formed and fronted by the legendary Edgar Jones (Formerly known as Edgar Summertyme of The Stairs ) and including Shaun & Russell (now in The Zutons) and Howie Payne( now the leading light in The Stands). This all star band were a growling blues/soul sensation. Next Tramp Attack featuring the future singer/songwriter of The Zutons, Dave Mc Cabe ( He sings lead on 2 tracks written by himself, ‘Broken Man’ & ‘ Swine’). Liverpool’s own inspired country, blues & Northwest coast garage band. Finally the scenes spiritual leaders The Hokum Clones, a duo that played what can only be described as psychedelic ragtime blues. The Hokum Clones toured with The Coral, Richard Ashcroft and Polyphonic Spree. This is an original and unique record that once again demonstrates that Liverpool stands alone in its innovative and inspired musical pedigree. The storm before the storm. All tracks are previously unreleased and recorded between 2000 & 2003.


1. I’m Bored – The Big Kids
2. Double Decker Bus- Tramp Attack
3. Let’s Get Drunk Again – The Hokum Clones
4. Too Much Baby – The Big Kids
5. Swine- Tramp Attack
6. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day – The Hokum Clones
7. Hot Potatoes- The Big Kids
8. Breakin’ From a Jailhouse Blues – The Hokum Clones
9. Ladybird- Tramp Attack
10. Viper Style- The Hokum Clones
11. For a Moment – The Big Kids
12. You Ain’t Foolin’ Me – The Hokum Clones
13. Broken Man – Tramp Attack
14. Up to No Good again – The Big Kids
15. Barrel of Fun – Tramp Attack
16. Steal a little Time – The Hokum Clones
17. Hey, Hey ,Now,Now- The Big Kids
18. Rock Island Line – The Hokum Clones

  • ‘A must have compilation’ Joe Curran, Live Magazine, June 2005
  • ‘Remarkable’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ , June 2005
  • ‘Broken man’ – Tramp Attack’ No.8 Mojo Playlist, September 2005
  • ‘Liverpool’s fine musical heritage continues to bear fruit’ Ian Templeton,Record collector , September 2005