The Stairs ‘Who Is This Is’ CD/DL-048

048The Stairs ‘Who Is This Is’ CD/DL-048

Released: August 2008, CD-Download

The Stairs were truly one of the great-lost bands of the early Nineties who (along with The La’s) influenced, a whole new generation of musicians (including The Coral & The Zutons). They released little, apart from a few singles – one of these being the legendary ‘Weed Bus ‘ and the classic debut album, ‘Mexican R’n’B’. – Until now!’Who Is This Is’is the previously unreleased second album ( Recorded in 1992/93), rumored to have existed – with the only known master copy recently been rediscovered. It proves to be heady mixture of Psychedelia, Motown, Rock, Soul and R ‘n’ B and confirms their historic credentials.It’s only now in 2008, a decade or so after their demise that The Stairs have become as legendary as the bands they so admired. This rediscovered gem, bridges Edgar Summertyme’s journey from principal Stairs songwriter into becoming Edgar ‘Jones ‘ Jones as he is now known – an artist with two critically acclaimed albums ‘Soothing Music For Stray Cats’ and ‘ Gettin’ a little Help’.



1. Skin Up
2. She’s So Fine
3. Saw Her Today
4. It Was Alright
5. Gotta Reason
6. Stop Messin’
7. Happyland
8. Set Me Free
9. When She Walks Down My Street
10. Talkin’ To You
11. Teenage Head Cancer Blues
12. Untitled

13. Love has come and gone away
14. Driving me out of my mind

  • ‘Great lost album-Jones’s very existence is surely something to champion.The Coral and The Zutons are indebted’ Lois Wilson – Mojo Sept 2008
  • ‘A wigged-out treat’ Ian Harrison- Q Magazine Oct 2008