The La’s Open your Heart EP – Viper EP1 131

The La's Open your Heart EP - Viper EP1 131

The La’s Open your Heart EP – Viper EP1 131

Released: Dec 7th 2018 – 7″ Single – OUT OF STOCK

The La’s 7” Heavyweight Vinyl EP. A; ‘Open Your Heart’ B; ‘I.O.U.’ / ‘Feelin’’ Open Your Heart was written in the Summer of 1986 it started as a poem ( included in the Scrap book) in my diary I suppose it’s self explaining really- It was a time of Thatcher and ‘ greed was good’ had taken over the country (at the expense of places like Liverpool) it was a direct reatcion to that. It was recorded in Sept 1986 at the Attic Studio in Cornwallis St. To start with I played it to Lee and he developed the simple stabbing riff on the verse. There’s references to mortality/acceptance !

NOTE: When I was hanging out with Lee in 1999 with the hope of getting things going again he told me that Timeless Melody came off the back of Open Your Heart. If you listen to the way the chorus shifts in its the same and he changed the words to ‘open your mind’ towards the end. [Mike Badger] (First released on Breakloose Viper 002 CD/Vinyl)! IOU – recorded circa May 1987 in the legendary Stables. Many La’s classic songs were written here i.e Timeless Melody, There She Goes , Way Out, Feelin’, Over ( which was recorded in the Stables and released as a B side ) etc. Very creative time and before the band signed the record deal. Most days it would be Lee, John and Paul rehearsing and working on songs. ! Feelin’ – recorded 8/11/87 at the Croydon Underground on the first major tour. Very rare recording. Some of the tour was done without drums as Timmo had left the band which included this date. Both recordings previously unreleased.

  1. Open Your Heart
  2. IOU
  3. Feelin’