The La's 'Lost La's 1986-1987 Callin' All' CD/LP-008

The La’s Lost La’s 1986-1987 Callin’ All CD/LP-008

Released: CD Out Of Print, LP

The original recordings of The La’s-The first part of this album consists of the definitive ‘fabled’ versions of such classic songs as ‘Son of a Gun’,’Doledrum’, and unreleased gems, ‘Callin’ All’ and ‘Tears in the Rain’.Recorded in 1986,they capture a moment in time when all the factors were right.The La’s were hungry,fresh and inspiring.These recordings are the real thing and have a feel that ultimately proved impossible to recreate. The Second part contains highlights from a concert at the ‘Picket’ venue in Liverpool(May 1987), just months before signing their record deal.This was a blistering concert performed to an ecstatic home crowd. These recordings are pure,undiluted, raw, undisputedly magical.


1 Son Of A Gun
2 Doledrum
3 Liberty Ship
4 Freedom Song
5 Clean Prophet
6 I.O.U
7 Tears In The Rain
8 Callin’ All
9 Come In,Come Out (Live)
10 Way Out (Live)
11 Timeless Melody  (Live)
12 I Can’t Sleep (Live)13 There She Goes (Live)
14 Failure (Live)

  • ‘The demos from 1986 are the definitive La’s recordings, they are absolutely stunning’ Mike Hedges Producer Q 2001
  • ‘There’s no denying these paint-yet to dry sketches are woodier,grittier and ballsier than their better-known counterparts.Fascinating postcard from the edge of Mavers own revolution in the head’ Uncut, Aug 2001
  • ‘If you genuinely love guitar pop you should definitely purchase this album’ Big Issue in the North, July 2001
  • ‘Imagine an Elvis 78 – one of those great lost bands,its as if you’re in on a secret before its even been told’ Record Collector, August 2001
  • ‘Endearing humanity, spine tingling’ MOJO August 2001
  • ‘Number 1 on the Mojo ‘Filter” MOJO July 2001