The La’s ‘Live! 1986/87 – Viper LP147

5th of November 2021 – Limited Edition Vinyl (500 copies)

The La’s live 1986-87 manages to capture the band’s original ethos and attitude. Side one contains Liverpool ‘live’ recordings from 1986 when Mike Badger and Lee Mavers shared material and vocal duties. These recordings have a skiffle like quality thatflew in the face of the highly produced trends dominating the mid-eighties and can see the band defining & developing it’s sound. Side two, shows a band that had evolved, almost at times garage rock, which suited certain songs in a better way, eventually selling out the Marquee Club. This album in many ways illustrates the true nature of the La’s from it’s original inception to it’s eventual place in the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. Pure magic and history in the making.



1. Breakloose The Monro. L’pool 29/8/86
2. Freedom Song The Queens. L’pool 15/12/86
3. Son of a Gun Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86
4. Clean Prophet Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86
5. Trees & Plants Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86
6. What Do you Do? Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86
7. Doledrum Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86
8. Get Down Over Pen & Wig. L’pool 2/12/86

1. Feelin’ World Downstairs Royal Court. L’pool 2/10/87
2. Come in Come out World Downstairs Royal Court. L’pool 2/10/87
3. Way Out World Downstairs Royal Court. L’pool 2/10/87
4. There She Goes Flying Picket. L’pool 5/6/87
5. Failure Flying Picket. L’pool 5/6/87
6. Timeless Melody New Adelphi Club. Hull 31/7/87
7. I Can’t Sleep The Marquee. London 9/19/87
8. Knock Me Down The Marquee. London 9/19/87