The La’s ‘1984-1986 Breakloose’ CD/DL-052

052The La’s ‘1984-1986 Breakloose’ CD/DL-052

Released: 9th March 2009, CD – Download

The mythology that has grown around The La’s has made them one of the most enigmatic bands of the last few decades. The story began in a bleak mid-80’s Liverpool, with a chance meeting between two unemployed musicians, Lee Mavers and Mike Badger. Over the next two years they co-wrote material which appears here on ‘Breakloose’. Influenced by the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart and described as ‘Surreal Rock ‘n’ Roll’ , the results are raw & spirited with classic song writing to the fore, defining a unique and creative time in the band’s history and pointing the way to future success.
Features previously unreleased recordings + a 20 page booklet containing unseen photos/artwork + in depth liner notes.


1. Breakloose *
2. My Girl Sits like a Reindeer
3. Sweet 35
4. Open Your Heart
5. Trees + Plants
6. Red Deer Stalk *
7. Painting
8. Get Down Over
9. What Do You Do
10. Money in Your Talk
11. Space Rocketry *
12. Dovecot Dub
13. You Blue
14. Moonlight
15. Breakloose ‘live’
16. Midnight Shift *
17. You Don’t Say *
18. My Girl sits like a Reindeer *
19. Cool Water *
20. Night Walk
* Previously Unreleased
  • ‘Timeless and instantly evocative, the earliest La’s material shows they were on to something special from the start’ Jamie Bowman, The Word, April 2009