The Floatation Project ‘Dislocated World’ – Viper DL153

4th of August 2022  – DOWNLOAD

The fifth album from Liverpool’s Floatation Project -aka Paul Hemmings (The La’s The Lightning Seeds). The debut album ‘Sonic Stories’ was championed as ‘Understated splendour’ by Mojo magazine and this release titled ‘Dislocated World’ delivers more sonic sculpture for your pleasure. Recorded 2020- 22 using vintage musical equipment: classic synthesisers and guitars- this album explores the strange world we live in and the dislocation we experienced from our normal reality during lockdown.


1. Better People
2. Clocks Go Back
3. Don’t Go Changing
4. Scuppered Ships
5. Dislocated World
6. Lost Souls Singing
7. Time
8. Little Volcanos
9. Starry Night
10. Shine a Light