The Floatation Project ‘Sounds from the Solar System’ CD/DL-038

038The Floatation Project ‘Sounds from the Solar System’ CD/DL-038

Released: Sept 2006, CD-Download

After releasing his debut album ‘Sonic Stories’ in May 2005, receiving some excellent reviews in the music press ( MOJO called it ‘Understated Splendour’ whilst Uncut said ‘Guitarist Paul Hemmings can shine from other angles’ ), The Floatation Project a.k.a Paul Hemmings ( The La’s/Lightning Seeds ) has been working on his next long player entitled ‘Sounds from the Solar System’. This visionary and beautifully multi-textured instrumental album explores Space, a theme that has fascinated him since watching the first moon missions in black and white as a childhood ( infact not since 1983 with Eno’s Apollo has there been a bona fide space album ). It’s an intoxicating mixture of acoustic and electronic which takes you on a journey into the worlds that exist in our Solar system and beyond – from eerie drones using both synths and lap steel reflecting the cold vast emptiness of space, to bright sparkling celestial tracks producing stunning vestiges of sound. This is a unique album that inhabits the same orbit as Kraftwerk, Can, Eno and Fripp but dragged into the 21st Century, with something all of its own. It is music that produces a whole range of moods and one that is an astral delight.


1. Life on Earth
2. Dark Moon
3. Time & Motion
4. Solar Symphony
5. Lunar Poles
6. Astronauts Dream
7. Stars are not Stars
8. Sphere
9. Driftation
10. One Giant Step
11. Orbital 2
12. Lonely in Space
13. Atmosphere
14) Stars are not Stars – Reprise

  • ‘Fasinating,unsettling and unique’ Rough Trade, Oct 2006
  • ‘Vast, multi-textured acoustic/electronic Krautrock-influenced synth grooves and cosmic ambience rich in celestial drones’ Selectadisc,Oct 2006
  • ‘New and refreshing-A highly entertaining work of ‘driftation’ , Jan 2007
  • ‘With its dreamy soporific qualities, it shares the same territory as Krautrock pieces like Kraftwerk’s ‘Europe Endless’ or Can at their most hypnotic-recomended’ Tim Peacock Whisperin’and Hollerin’ March 2007