The Floatation Project ‘Sonic Stories’ CD/DL-028

028The Floatation Project ‘Sonic Stories’ CD/DL-028

Released: April 2005, CD-Download

‘ Sonic Stories ‘ by The Floatation Project is a unique and innovative venture by Paul Hemmings (Guitarist in the legendary Liverpool band – The La’s and The Lightning Seeds). It features 12 original compositions – instrumentals & collaborations with a floating cast of Liverpool musicians such as Tommy Scott from Space – featured on the tracks ‘500 Elephants'(Track 2) & ‘ The Manipulator ‘ (Track 9), Robby Stevenson from The Hokum Clones – on the track ‘ Situation Blues ‘ (Track 4), and Marina Van-Rooy from the legendary dance scene of 8 productions & G- Love – on the tracks ‘ Sunshine Girl ‘ (Track 6) and ‘ Spainish Lullaby ‘ (Track 12).Its an album full of musical surprises which takes you on a journey through cinematic soundscapes to more hard hitting tracks. Its timeless, expressive and wonderfully organic. A melting pot of early Roxy Music, Beefheart, inspired guitar & keyboard lines, Punk, Neu, The Velvet Underground, primitive drum machines and unconscious/conscious themes.



1. Into the Light
2. 500 Elephants
3. Passing Satellites
4. Situation Blues
5. A Song for Jay ( The Twilight Zone )
6. Sunshine Girl
7. Crash Test Dummies
8. Floatation
9. The Manipulator
10. Re-Emergence
11. Funhouse
12. Spainish Lullaby

  • ‘Understated splendour’ Ian Harrison, Mojo, May 2005
  • ‘Guitarist Paul Hemmings can shine from other angles’ Rob Hughes, Uncut, May 2005
  • ‘Very refreshing in these over sanitised days when albums tending to contain 12 similarly tinged, precisely over – produced tracks – Distinctively his own work’ Whisperin’& a Hollerin’, Feb 2005
  • ‘Enoesque drones mingle with Roxy Music – flavored mutations – Cool stuff !’ Terry Banks, The Big Takeover, March 2005
  • ‘Sonic Stories’ is a collection of electro type tunes with killer hooks’ Joe Curran, Live Magazine, June 2005