Put ’em down Blues The Very Best of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five & Hot Seven – DL126

‘Put ’em down Blues’  The Very Best of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five & Hot Seven – DL126

Released: 27th March 2018 – Download

Louis Armstrong is not only one of the most influential figures in Jazz history but also one of the most important figures in 20th Century American culture. Louis was an incredible Trumpeter, Composer & Singer with a long career spanning five decades. He came to prominence in the 1920’s with his bands the Hot Five and Hot Seven, (the best of which are featured on this album). His gravelly voice is instantly recognizable, he could scat and sing extremely well in a style all of his own and was indeed the first to make his new brand of vocal jazz popular to America and the world. He would often improvise and bend melodies, (no doubt influenced by his daily use of marijuana which he smoked most all of his life!)- No one can deny this much loved genius his due credit as an artist and later as that dear ‘ol friend-Satchmo (1901-1971) that appeared on film and television with a smile that could melt any frozen heart. Sit back relax and listen to one of the true greats at the start of his momentous career.


  1. Put ‘em down Blues 1926
  2. Hotter than that 1927
  3. King of Zulus 1926
  4. Big Butter and Egg man 1926
  5. I’m not Rough 1927
  6. Irish Black Bottom 1936
  7. Lonesome Blues 1926
  8. Droppin’ Shucks 1926
  9. Heebie – Jeebies 1926
  10. Weary Blues 1927
  11. Keyhole Blues 1927
  12. Squeeze me 1928
  13. Gully low Blues 1927
  14. That’s when I’ll come back to you 1927
  15. Gambler’s Dream 1925
  16. Sugar Foot Strut 1928
  17. No one else but you 1928
  18. St James infirmary 1928
  19. Save it, pretty Mama 1928
  20. How do you do it that way ? 1929