Otaku No Denki The Future Played Backwards CD/DL-017

017Otaku No Denki The Future Played Backwards CD/DL-017

Released: September 2003, CD-Download

The Viper Label is pleased to present a stunning debut album by a new three piece group from Liverpool called Otaku No Denki ( Chris McCabe / Joey Cannon / Dean Salleyman ).
‘ The Future Played Backwards’ is an outstanding debut from this young group who perform their particular take on Electronica, producing innovative, melodic, and experimental sounds, taking the listener on a journey through their sonicand cinematic worlds.
Nearest comparisons could be- Eno, Kraftwerk, Neu, John Barry and Aphex Twin , Otaku No Denki are part of the resurgence of great Liverpool music happening at the moment ( From The Zutons- Chris McCabe is the brother of ‘The Zutons’ frontman Dave McCabe – to Ladytron ) Their own unique contemporary sound stands alone. The understated beauty of ‘The Way the Future Was’ and the dark sonic whirlpool that is ‘Tower’ for example.Album co- produced by Paul Hemmings from The La’s + Lightning Seeds.



1. Craft, Design + Technology
2. Del
3. The Way the Future Was
4. Pego Plume
5. Senning
6. Calculators
7. Drinks
8. Departure
9. Dope Head
10. Cave Prayer
11. My First Telescope
12. Halenge
13. No Horizon
14. Chimera in the Hybernarium
15. Felt Face
16. Curiosity
17. Zoetrope
18. Green to Red
19. In Sight
20. Tower
21. Receipt
22. Real Work

  • ‘Staggering’ The Observer , Kevin Samson Sept 2003
  • ‘Extraordinary 22 track masterpiece’ Rory Sunderland, Live magazine Nov 2003
  • ‘Quirky instrumentals’ Mixing it BBC Radio 3
  • ‘Leftfield electronica – Ethereal optimism’ Flux Magazine, Dec 2003
  • ‘Otaku create an evocative soundworld all their own- Very good indeed’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin’ + Hollerin’.com, Jan 2004
  • ‘Like the sound of Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider’s grandchildren let loose in the Kling Klang studios’ Elizabeth Wells, Absorb, Jan 2004