The Very Best of Old Time Banjo 1901 -1947 – Viper 134

The Very Best of Old Time Banjo 1901 -1947 - Viper 134

The Very Best of Old Time Banjo 1901 -1947 – Viper 134 Download

Released: May 20th 2019 – Viper 134 Download

Banjos tend to have four or five strings (the top fifth string is known as a ‘drone’). The strings are stretched over a skin, not unlike a drum, which allows the strings to resonate loudly. The earliest forms of Banjo were fashioned by African Americans who had retained the knowledge (before their displacement) of very similar African instruments such as the ‘Kora’, which has strings stretched over a guord.
The banjo occupied a central place in African American traditional music and Dixieland Jazz entering into the mainstream of popular culture with the minstrel shows of the 19th Century, it also plays a central role in the Folk culture of rural white Americans in Bluegrass and Mountain music. The Banjo, as well as the fiddle, is the mainstay of American old time music.

Viper have the pleasure in presenting on this album some of the best old time banjo artists you will ever hear- from Fred Van Eps to Bill Monroe and many more!…… Sit back and enjoy the pickin’ !


1. Uncle Dave Macon – Don’t get weary Children 1934
2. Olly Oakley – Camptown Carnival circa 1914
3. Dock Walsh – Going back to Jericho 1926
4. Richard ‘Dick’ Burnett – Ladies on the Steamboat 1927
5. Hobart Smith – The Cuckoo Bird 1942
6. Coon Creek Girls – Banjo Pickin’ Girl 1938
7. Fred Van Eps – Lost Arrow 1915
8. Red Hooded Fiddlers – Far in the Mountains 1929
9. Dock Boggs – Danville Girl 1927
10. Alfred A Farland – Carnival in Venice 1917
11. BF Shelton – Oh Molly Dear 1927
12. Harry Reser – Heebe Jeebes 1925
13. Frank Jenkins – Babtist Shout ‘ Spanish Fandango’ 1927
14. Charles Cleveland Poole – Don’t let your Deal go Down 1925
15. John Hammond – Little Birdie 1925
16. Whitter Hendley Small – Shuffle Feet Shuffle 1930
17. Clarence Ashley – Coo Coo Bird 1929
18. Lamar Lunsford Bascom – Italy 1928
19. Sylvester L ‘Vess’ Ossman – Rusty Rags Medley 1901
20. William Smith ‘Bill’ Monroe – Bluegrass Breakdown 1947