Jimmy Campbell ‘Troubadour’ Lost Recordings 1965 – 1991 – CD/DL084

084Jimmy Campbell ‘Troubadour’ Lost Recordings 1965 – 1991 – CD/DL084

Released: 23rd April 2012, Download & CD

With the exception of The Beatles, few Liverpool singer/songwriters from the Merseybeat era went on to deliver a continuous body of work. Jimmy Campbell, a man of extraordinary sensitivity, was one of the few. Having formed The Kirkbys in the mid 1960’s, he went on to form The 23rd Turn Off (which was at the time the M6 exit for Liverpool) releasing thepsychedelic masterpiecefor which he is probably best known: Michaelangelo.
He started a solo career in 1969 with the release of the beautiful ‘Son of Anastasia’ and, after two further solo releases, made one seminal album as Rockin’ Horse with his good friend Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, also backing Chuck Berry on a European tour in the early 1970’s.
The Viper Label are delighted to release ‘Troubadour’ an album that illustrates through song one of Liverpool’s lost treasures. Compiled from out-takes. alternative versions and live recordings from 1965 –1991 this album spans for the first time the entire gamut of Jimmy Campbell’s exceptional song-writing ability.


    1. Michaelangelo – 1967
    2. (Not) A Penny in my Pocket 1967
    3. Dreaming 1967
    4. Bless You – The Kirkbys 1965
    5. Flowers are Flowering 1967
    6. Don’t you want me no more – The Kirkbys 1965
    7. I’ll be with you 1967
    8. Another Vincent Van Gogh 1967
    9. Mother’s Boy 1967
    10. You sing your own Song 1967
    11. ( Not ) A Penny in my Pocket 1967
    12. Michaelangelo – 1967

‘Live’ Studio Recordings 1971

    1. In My Room
    2. Closing down the Shop
    3. Forever grateful

‘Live’ Acoustic 1977

    1. Another Vincent Van Gogh
    2. Missing Kissing You
    3. Not Tonight
    4. On the Corner of the Street
    5. Green-Eyed American Actress
    6. The Biggest Gossip in Town
    7. Don’t Leave Me Now
    8. When I Cross Your Path
    9. I wouldn’t let that happen to you
    10. That’s Right, That’s me

Circa 1989 Lpool Amazon Studio

    1. When I cross your path

Liverpool Amadeus Studio 1991

  1. Blowin’ all over the Road
  2. If you believe
  • ‘Fab archival gear from late Merseybeat legend’.  Tim Peacock, Record Collector, May 2012.