Jimmy Campbell ‘Live 1977’ – DL071

071Jimmy Campbell ‘Live 1977’ – DL071

Released: March 2011, Download Only

With the exception of The Beatles, few Merseybeat artists went on to deliver a continuous body of self-penned work that ran into the 1970’s. Jimmy Campbell, a man of extraordinary sensitivity, was one of the few. Having formed one of the better beat groups of the 1960’s in The Kirkbys, he then went on to form psychedelic pioneers The 23rd Turn Off (which was, at the time, the M6 exit for Liverpool).
He started a short-lived solo career in 1969 with the release of the beautiful ‘Son of Anastasia’ and, after two further solo releases, made one seminal album as Rockin’ Horse with his good friend Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, also backing Chuck Berry on a European tour in the early 1970’s. Shortly after, disillusioned with the industry, Jimmy Campbell all but retired from the music scene.
However, it is now with great delight that an exceptionally rare live performance has been brought to light from 1977. Featuring some of his greatest songs, alongside a collection of previously unknown material, this historic recording has extra resonance since Jimmy’s death (in 2007) and the subsequent re-issue and re-appraisal of all his previous work.
Special thanks to Mark Kelly & Mark Johnston and Janis Schacht for the use of her photograph.

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  1. When I Cross Your Path *
  2. Baby Doll *
  3. Golden Opportunity
  4. I Stayed Out Late Last Night
  5. New Girl Writing Me Letters *
  6. Another Vincent Van Gogh
  7. Missing Kissing You *
  8. Not Tonight *
  9. On The Corner Of The Street *
  10. It Never Rains But It Pours
  11. Green-Eyed American Actress
  12. Half Baked
  13. One More Baby *
  14. Close My Case and Move On *
  15. All The Way to the USA *
  16. Baby, Walk Out With Your Darling Man *
  17. The Biggest Gossip In Town *
  18. Don’t Call Me Your Baby *
  19. Don’t Leave Me Now
  20. When I Cross Your Path * (Version 2)
  21. I Wouldn’t let that happen to you *
  22. Lyanna
  23. By the Light of A Lamp
  24. A Bride for the Second Time *
  25. That’s Right, That’s me

* previously unreleased

  • ‘Look on his works, Lee Mavers, and beware.’ Mojo, Feb 2011.
  • ‘Remarkable album. Essential.’ When Skies are Grey, Feb 2011.
  • ‘Proves its’worth as both a historically vital artefact and a great tribute to a man whose work deserves to cast a far bigger shadow.’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ March 2011.
  • Melodic and emotive. Ian Harrison, Mojo, April 2011.
  • ‘Unearthed Recordings from the cult songwriter.’ Spencer Leigh, Record Collector, April 2011.