Garry Christian How Does it Feel CD/DL-020

020Garry Christian How Does it Feel CD/DL-020

Released: April 2004, CD-Download

‘How Does it Feel…’ is the great album by Garry Christian from the million selling Liverpool group The Christians. It fuses a unique blend of Soul, Gospel, and heartfelt acoustic pop songs, all topped by his own distinctive, breathtakingly soulful vocals- From the string led opener ‘You Make Me Believe’, the modern Soul of the title track ‘How Does It Feel’, the understated ‘So Beautiful’, to the classic closing track ‘Send Me A Letter’. A contemporary album that evokes the spirit of the classic Soul era, whilst retaining its own honest individuality.



1. You Make Me Believe
2. I Want it All
3. How Does It Feel
4. Another Goodbye
5. Idolize
6. Key to My Heart
7. You’ll Find Away
8. So Beautiful
9. It’s Summertime
10. You Tell Me I’m Crazy
11. She’s Gone
12. Send Me a Letter

  • ‘Real gems- Classy pop’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ , April 2004
  • ‘This is an artist just doing what he does best and Gary’s voice sounds as good as ever. Soulful and thoughtful’ Live Magazine, May 2004
  • ‘A collection of fab songs – covering super- slick modern soul, calypso,jazzy skits and even a couple of beat -heavy tracks’ Marie Keating, Hot Stars – OK Magazine, May 2004