‘Everybody rides in Jesus’ name’ The Very best of Gospel, Blues and Spirituals 1920s – 1940s – DL127

‘Everybody rides in Jesus’ name’ The Very best of Gospel, Blues and Spirituals 1920s – 1940s – DL127

Released: 3rd of Sept 2018 – Download

Gospel music/ Spiritual Music is composed and performed for many purposes, including  religious, ceremonial or indeed the sheer revelry of the ‘power’ of the Lord!….  Unabashed dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony and Christian lyrics) can be traced to the early 17th century  ( it was a way of enduring the hardships of Slavery ) with roots in the black oral tradition, these hymns and sacred songs were often repeated in a call and response fashion.

Most of the churches relied on hand clapping and foot stomping as rhythmic accompaniment. These driving tribal like rhythms were nothing less than the start of Rock ’n’ Roll….. A young Elvis Presley used to attend the black congregations because he knew at that early age where the real spirit was and the great Martin Luther King in his final ever public speaking referred with great passion to the old ‘negro spirituals’ ………..Free at Last!


1. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – This Train 1939
2. Arizona Drones – I’ll go where you want me to do 1928
3. Blind Willie Davis – When the Saints go Marching in 1928
4. Selah Jubilee Singers – I want Jesus to walk around my Bedside 1939
5. Bull City Red – I saw the Light 1935
6. Golden Gate Quartet – The Sun didn’t Shine 1941
7. Mahalla Jackson – Oh, My Lord 1937
8. Blind Willie Johnson – Let your Light Shine on me 1927
9. Silent Grove Baptist Church Congregation – You just Sing for Jesus 1942
10. Rev. Edward W Clayborn – The Gospel Train is Coming 1926
11. Washington Phillips – Take your burden to the Lord 1927
12. Turner Junior Johnson – Meet me Jerusalem 1943
13. Chicago Sanctified Singers – Tell me what kind of Man Jesus is 1935
14. Bessie Johnson – He got better Things for you 1927
15. Thomas A Dorsey – If you see my Saviour 1932
16. Austin Coleman with Joe Washington Brown & Group – My Soul is a Witness 1934
17. Georgia Peach – Do Lord send me 1942
18. Sister Cally Fancy – Goin’ on to Heaven in the Sanctified Way 1929
19. Southern Sons – I’m free at last 1942
20. Heavenly Gospel Singers – Precious Lord, take my hand 1935