Essential Blues Vol 2 1920’s – 1940 – DL104

Essential Blues Vol 2 1920's - 1940 - DL104Essential Blues Vol 2 1920’s – 1940 – DL104

Released: 8th December 2014, Download Only

The Blues is eternal. A deep, dark, brooding music created by poor black workers in the deep South of the United States at the dawn of the 20th Century.
Unmistakable when heard- it resonates with anyone with a capacity to ‘feel’. Born in the cotton fields it grew from work songs, hollers, shouts, chants and eventually picked on acoustic guitars. It was the Blues that helped these people communicate their desperate struggle and eventually celebrate their long road to emancipation.

This series of Essential Blues can serve as an introduction to some of the best originators of the genre, or alternatively as a finely selected collection of the music that went on to influence: Jazz, Gospel Music, Rhythm and Blues and eventually as one of the essential ingredients in the emergence of Rock n Roll. Volume 2 features such luminaires as: Blind Boy Fuller, Skip James & Son House as well as unearthing classic rarities by relatively unknown performers. Another essential album from The Viper Label.


1. Blind Boy Fuller – Shake it, Baby.
2. Little Buddy Doyle – She’s got good dry goods.
3. Little Brother Montgomery – No Special Rider Blues.
4. Bogus Ben Covington – I heard the voice of a Pork Chop .
5. Bull City Red – I saw the sign of the Judgement.
6. Whistlin Rufus – Mama I hope you’re satisfied.
7. Mississippi Mud Steppers – Jackson Stomp.
8. Blind Willie Johnson – It’s nobodys fault but mine.
9. Barbecue Bob – Black skunk Blues.
10. South Street Trio – Cold Morning Shout.
11. Little Hat Jones – Bye Bye Baby.
12. Washboard Sam – Who pumped the wind in my doughnut ?.
13. Blind Willie McTell – Searching the Desert for the Blues.
14. Dallas String Band – Dallas Rag.
15. Charley Jordan- Just a spoonful.
16. Charley Patton – Mississippi Boweevil Blues.
17. Tommy McClennan- Deep Blue Sea Blues.
18. Mississippi Jock Band – Hittin’ the Bottle stomp.
19. Son House – My Black Mama.
20. Skip James – If you haven’t got any Hay get on down the road.