Essential Blues Vol 1 1920’s – 1940 – DL103

Essential Blues Vol 1 1920's - 1940 - DL103Essential Blues Vol 1 1920’s – 1940 – DL103

Released: 8th December 2014, Download Only

The Blues is eternal. A deep, dark, brooding music created by poor black workers in the deep South of the United States at the dawn of the 20th Century.
Unmistakable when heard- it resonates with anyone with a capacity to ‘feel’. Born in the cotton fields it grew from work songs, hollers, shouts, chants and eventually picked on acoustic guitars. It was the Blues that helped these people communicate their desperate struggle and eventually celebrate their long road to emancipation.

This series of Essential Blues can serve as an introduction to some of the best originators of the genre, or alternatively as a finely selected collection of the music that went on to influence: Jazz, Gospel Music, Rhythm and Blues and eventually as one of the essential ingredients in the emergence of Rock n Roll. Volume 1  features such luminaires as: Robert Johnson, Leadbelly & Bukka White as well as unearthing classic rarities by relatively unknown performers. Another essential album from The Viper Label.


1. Robert Johnson – If I had possession over Judgment Day.
2. Rev. Edward Clayborn – Let that Lair alone.
3. Harlem Hamfats – What’s my Baby doin’.
4. Louie Bluie – State Street Rag.
5. Blind Willie Johnson – If I had my way I’d tear this building down.
6. Harum Scarums – Come on in.
7. Bukka White – Fixin’ to Die.
8. Willie Walker – South Caroline Rag.
9. Leadbelly – Rock Island Line.
10. Roland & Scott – Guitar Stomp.
11. Kokamo Arnold – Chain gang Blues.
12. Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O’lee Blues.
13. Memphis Jug Band – Cocaine.
14. The Hokum Boys – Hokum Blues.
15. Allan Brothers – Bow Bow Blues
16. Big Bill Broonzy – Mountain Blues.
17. Ben Curry – The New Dirty Dozen.
18. Roosevelt Sykes – Night time is the Right time.
19. Henry Thomas – Bull Doze Blues.
20. Lucious Curtis – Time is gettin’ Hard.