Dead Cowboys 'Comings and Goings' CD-005Dead Cowboys Comings and Goings CD-005

Released: Out Of Print

Dead Cowboys debut album called ‘Comings and goings’ showcases their twisted hybrid of blues-fuelled punk and dark country. Dead Cowboys are : Dave Jackson -vocals, Becky Stringer -Bass, (Both Founder members of The Room Benny Profane, and Dust ) Greg Milton -guitar ( Formerly with Barbel and current driving force behind the ambient techno outfit Vitamin C ) and Andrew McKechnic – drums ( ex-Pure and Rillington Rockers ).They’re augmented on certain tracks by guest musicians such as Jonathan Kyme (ex-Del-Bloods and Walking Seeds ) and Peter Baker- organ (ex-Room and The Mighty Wah! ).The only non Dead Cowboys composition featured is a cover of Hank Williams ‘Ramblin’ Man’.The songs on this album tell stories of comings and goings – tender leave – takings, brutal returns and vice versa.This is Jackson and Stringer’s first commercial release since the, demise of Benny Profane and Dust.


1. I Gotta Go
2. Rubberboy
3. Ramblin’ Man
4. Fight in Bar Room
5. Dark Country
6. Sad Smile
7. 7.9.11
8. Dear John
9. Taillights
10. I Got the Word
11. Hotwire
12. Hungry Moon
13. Upside Down

  • ‘This is dirty and dark country with a hellish bent and twisted and rakish sense of louche poetic rancour.” It is possessed of an irresistible spark, and enduringly wry, dry and pallid beauty. Hugely Recommended’ Time Out Nov 2000
  • ‘Not since the Honky-Tonkin’, mid-80s hey day of the Mekons has a British band embraced C&W with such intelligence and vim’ MOJO Dec 2000
  • ‘Hell fire stomps, its rough-hewm guile makes for a highly original blast of air’ Uncut Feb 2001