Chris Elliot – Homestead EP – CD/DL101

Chris Elliot - Homestead EP - CD/DL101Chris Elliot – Homestead EP – CD/DL101

Released: 8th Sept 2014, Vinyl Look CD & Download

Chris Elliot might reside at the mouth of the Mersey but his unpretentious blues could well have their origins at the mouth of the Mississippi. Liverpool has always had a deep musical relationship with the Southern States  and the Chris carries on that tradition with this new release: The Homestead EP contains 5 tracks that are raw, timeless and packed with a heartfelt grit that can only come from an artist who has the Blues running through his soul…….


1. Central line Blues
2. Refuge in the Lord
3. Playtimes Over
4. Hustlin’ Women
5. Just one Man