Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band ‘Live at the Garage’ Cambridge, Massachusetts, 3/5/1974 -Viper 136

Released: 18th of Nov 2019 – DOWNLOAD

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band have a place firmly in the hearts of many who love their music. Never to shy from controversy this version of the Magic Band sees the Captain in a relatively contented situation. Recorded in May 1974, this ‘live’ performance features tracks that were not in the usual Live set.With a new recording contract Don Van Vliet put a band together to present his new material , gentle ballads such as ‘This is The Day’, sidled up to old favourites ‘Crazy Little Thing’ and the epic ‘Mirror Man’,
Don even gives us a consummate version of the Jazz classic ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ and before you know it he’s launching into the ‘bubblegum pop’: ‘Peaches’. A rare collection of Don’s mid seventies material recorded on a night to remember in Cambridge Massachusettes.


1. Mirror Man
2. Upon the My oh My
3. Crazy Little Thing
4. Full Moon Hot Sun
5. Sugar Bowl
6. This is the Day
7. Keep on Rubbin’
8. Sweet Georgia Brown
9. Sweet Georgia Brown Reprise
10. Abba Zaba
11. Peaches
12. Who’ll be the Next One