Captain Beefheart Magneticism LP-022

022Captain Beefheart ‘Magneticism’ LP-022

Released: OUT OF PRINT

Magneticism’ is a limited edition vinyl only release of strictly 1000 copies worldwide, combining the highlights of two previously released CD albums : ‘Magnetic Hands’- Live in the UK 1972-80 released July 2002 and ‘Railroadism’ – Live in the USA 1972-81 released May 2003 with other previously unreleased ‘live’ rarities.Covering every period of the Captains work and all points inbetween, these live performances were chaotic, cacophonic, and unforgettable events. This is truly a historic document showing one of the great innovative and inspiring bands of the modern age on staggering form, in this collection of awesome power. This will not only be of importance to Beefheart freaks but to the world as a whole.


1. Click, Clack
2. Old Black Snake (Bickershaw Festival – 7/5/1972)
3. Dali’s Car (Guildhall, Portsmouth – 1/12/1975)
4. Nowadays a Womans Gotta Hit a Man
5. Drop Out Boogie
6. Kandy Korn (Rotters, Liverpool -29/10/1980)
7. Abba Zabba
8. Electricity (Early Show, Bottom Line, NY – 26/11/77)
9. Little Golden Birdies (Late Show, Bottom Line NY- 26/11/77)
10. A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit gets to a Diamond (Showbox, Seattle – 15/1/81)
11. Veteran’s Day Poppy
12. Big Eyed Beans from Venus (The Country Club, Reseda, CA – 29/1/81)

  • ‘A must for Beefheart fans’ Record Collector, July 2005