Captain Beefheart Magnetic Hands Live in the UK 1972-1980 CD/DL-011

011Captain Beefheart Magnetic Hands Live in the UK 1972-1980 CD/DL-011

Released: June 2002, CD-Download

Captain Beefheart and his various Magic Bands created some of the most mesmerizing, challenging music of the 20th century. From beyond what is generally accepted as leftfield, they created a unique fusion of sound sourced from every conceivable field, be it Delta Blues, Free Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll, or Doo Wop. All this contributing to their 1969 masterpiece ‘ Trout Mask Replica ‘.Their live performances were chaotic, cacophonic, unforgettable events that built a hardcore dedicated following , no more so than here in the UK. The band visited these shores a number of times and it is from these dates that the Viper Label has culled a collection of awesome power that is the first Magic Band ‘live’ album – Ever ! Covering every period of the Captains work to date, it includes material from ‘ Safe as Milk ‘ to ‘Doc At The Radar Station ‘ and all points inbetween.This is truly a historic document showing one of the great bands of the modern age on staggering form, a collection of artifacts of awesome stature. This will not only be of importance to Beefheart freaks but to the world as a whole.



1. Click,Clack
2. Old Black Snake
3. Grow Fins ( Bickershaw Festival 7/5/1972 )
4. Peon
5. Golden Birdies ( Free Trade Hall, Manchester 1/4/1972)
6. Electricity
7. “Sugar Mama ( Leicester University 1/5/73)
8. Orange Claw Hammer / Gimme Dat Harp Boy (Knebworth 5/7/1975 )
9. Gimme Dat Harp Boy
10. Dali’s Car
11. Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin’ Stones (Guildhall, Portsmouth 1/12/1975
12. Flavour Bud Living (The Venue, London 12/11/80)
13. Nowadays a Womans Gotta Hit a Man
14. Abba Zaba
15. Hothead
16. Safe As Milk
17. Drop Out Boogie
18. Kandy Korn ( Rotters, Liverpool 29/10/1980)

  • ‘A collection of awesome live performances -I was stunned by the quality of the music that tore out of my speakers- It’s been a long wait to see this material readily available.- Viper have done a great job’
  • ‘True to the captains popularity with that cities rizla enthusiasts. ‘Magnetic Hands’ comes from Liverpool, and presents Beefhearts super Leftfield, Jazz, Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll with an Extra level of disciplined chaos’ Ian Harrison (Q) Aug 2002
  • ‘Feel the Heat ‘Old Black Snake’ -like an old Lomax blues recording hung up to dry – brutal versions of ‘Electricity’ and ‘Orange Claw Hammer’ tearing shreds off Floyd at Knebworth’ Rob Hughes (UNCUT) Aug 2002
  • ‘The take on ‘Gimme Dat Harp Boy’ is mighty – the sort of hammering Blasted Blues that Polly Harvey has always aspired to create’ Jack Kane (Recorder Collector) July 2002
  • ‘Some tremendous stuff on offer especially ‘Old Black Snake’ from Bickershaw 1972 and ‘Orange Claw Hammer’ howled to bemused punters at knebworth three years later’ Mike Barnes (MOJO/Author Of Beefheart)