CAB CALLOWAY ‘The Hepster Cat’ The very best of 1920s – 1940s – DL120

CAB CALLOWAY ‘The Hepster Cat’ The very best of 1920s - 1940s - DL120CAB CALLOWAY  ‘The Hepster Cat’ The very best of 1920s – 1940s – DL120

Released: 5th Dec 2016 – DOWNLOAD ONLY

Cab Calloway is a truly unique character in American music history. Born into an upper middle class family (his father wanted him to become an attorney), he became interested in entertaining. As a singer, it was Louis Armstrong that taught him how to sing ‘Scat’ style. After taking over an ailing big band, he managed to turn it into one of the most popular Jazz bands of the 1930’s/40’s mostly by using incredible musicians and understanding the power of Radio. Cab was the epitome of style wearing white suits and wide brimmed hats that showed off his twisting dance moves -even inventing the ‘moonwalk’ long before Michael Jackson! He was also an astute promotional man well ahead of his times allowing his music to obtain great exposure by appearing in films and cartoons.  Featured on this release are some of his most popular songs as well as some relative unknowns forming a great overview of the great Man’s unique sound and illustrating what a singularly original talent he was -As the Man himself would say: ZazuZazuZazuzay…


1. Reefer Man 1932
2. Keep that Hi – De – Hi in your Soul 1931
3. Kickin’ the Gong around 1931
4. Crescendo in Drums  1939
5. Is that Religion ?  1930
6. The Man from Harlem 1932
7. Minnie the Moocher 1933
8. The Scat Song 1933
9. Tarzan of Harlem 1939
10. That Man is here again 1937
11. The Conga – Conga 1938
12. UH – Da – Zay 1939
13. Pluckin’ the Bass 1939
14. Nagasaki 1935
15. Hallelujah Brown 1938
16. Congo 1937
17. The Ghost of Smokey Joe 1939
18. The Jumpin’ Jive 1939
19. Chili Con Conga 1939
20. Who’s Yehoodi ?  1940