Black Mama Blues The essential Womens Blues 1920 – 1930’s – DL102

Black Mama Blues The essential Womens Blues 1920 - 1930's - CD/DL102Black Mama Blues The essential Womens Blues 1920 – 1930’s – CD/DL102

Released: 8th December 2014, Download Only

Black women always had a huge part to play in the emergence of Blues Music. Not only were they working in the fields, they had to work pregnant and frequently with a baby on their back. Singing, chanting and ‘call and response’ was more often than not their only source of redemption from a gruelling existence of hard labour in the hot cotton fields of the Southern States. It is said that- quote: ‘if it doesn’t kill you- it makes you stronger’ and that certainly seems to be the case with this collection of women Blues singers from the first half of the Twentieth Century.

Some of these women singers even went on to find unimaginable fame and fortune- such as Bessie Smith who sold millions of Race Records. Also included on this collection is the heartfelt blues of Memphis Minnie and the rolling, soulful Sister Rosetta Tharpe, along side some incredibly talented, relatively unknown singers, all of whom helped to shape the world of Blues music. Black Mama Blues is indeed a definitive collection that will stand the test of time in anybody’s music library.


1. Bessie Smith – Back Water Blues.
2. Mae Glover – Shake it Daddy.
3. Hattie Hart with the Memphis Jug Band – Papa got your bath water on.
4. Elizabeth Johnson – Be my Kids Blues.
5. Mattie Delaney – Down the big Road Blues.
6. Merline Johnson – Crime doesn’t pay.
7. Memphis Minnie – Frankie Jean.
8. Hattie Burleson- Jim Happy.
8. Victoria Spivey – Dope Head Blues.
10. Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes – Lost Lover Blues.
11. Hattie Hudson – Doggone my good luck soul.
12. Lulu Jackson – You’re going to leave the old home Jim.
13. Louise Johnson- On the Wall.
14. Bessie Jackson- Tired as I can be.
15. Mary Dixon- Daddy, you’ve got everything.
16. Lil Johnson- Honey, you’re so good to me.
17. Minnie Wallace- Dirty Butter.
18. Georgia White- Get’em from the Peanut Man ( Hot Nuts ).
19. Ethel Waters – Get up off your knees.
20. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – This Train.