Aviator ‘Huxley Pig Part 2’ – CD/DL085

085Aviator ‘Huxley Pig Part 2’ – CD/DL085

Released: 2nd July 2012, Download & CD

‘Huxley Pig Part 2’ is the long awaited second album from Pete Wilkinson of the Liverpool bands Shack and Cast. This collection of songs reflects Pete’s personal experiences over the last ten years, good and bad, real and imagined.  Paul Hemmings (The La’s and The Lightning Seeds) and Keith O’Neill (Cast) join Pete, to deliver the signature Aviator style. However, Pete has brought fresh energy to the sound with some new guest performers, notably John Head (Shack) who together with Pete brings a psychedelic sense of spontaneity. This album has a distinct colour and dimensions all of its own. Another classic release on the Viper label.


    1. By The By
    2. Winter Sun
    3. You Know Who You Are
    4. Coming to You
    5. Sometimes
    6. Here We Go Again
    7. Trampoline
    8. Burning Car Part 2
    9. San Francisco
    10. Cosmonaut
    11. Geno

Extra Tracks

  1. Hazy Days
  2. Drowning
  3. Don’t you come around
  • ‘Cruising eight miles high all along.’ Tim Peacock, WhisperinandHollerin, Aug 2012.
  • ‘ Breathy Lennon-esque mystique and hand- turned psychedelia.’ Ian Harrison, MOJO, Oct 2012.