Aviator Huxley Pig Part 1 CD/DL-013

013Aviator Huxley Pig Part 1 CD/DL-013

Released: October 2002, CD-Download

The debut album by Pete Wilkinson from CAST Since the demise of the multi-platinum selling band-Cast, Pete Wilkinson has gathered together a collection of songs which are released here on his debut album- ‘ Huxley Pig-Part 1’. (Pete is the first member of Cast to release an album). He weaves some ethereal magic on tracks such as the melodic ‘ Shoot the Crow ‘ and the stunning ‘ I Fall Asleep ‘, whilst he offers the rock ‘n’ roll circus that is ‘ Dancing Bear ‘. ‘ Huxley Pig- Part 1 ‘ has its own unique sound which has been found by Pete’s desire to experiment. His musical otherworldliness has been captured by producer Paul Hemmings ( Ex – La’s + Lightning Seeds ) and features Keith O’Neill ( his former partner in Cast ) on drums. This should appeal to former Cast fans who are eagerly awaiting its release, as well asgathering new fans all of its own.Another classic release on The Viper Label.



1. Pinhole
2. Huxley Pig
3. Shoot the Crow
4. Dancing Bear
5. Burning Car
6. False Host
7. Transporter
8. I Fall Asleep
9. Don’t Trust you Man
10. Cradle Song

  • ‘Who needs The Coral to remind us Liverpool is still awash with talent ? Aviator – proves hes a genius when it comes to gentle Lennon – inspired indie strummers like ‘ I Fall Asleep ‘ as well as weighty psychedelic rock – outs like ‘ Dancing Bear ‘.Must be something in the water’ Hot Stars – OK Magazine Sept 2002
  • ‘Wilkinson attempts something otherworldly and experimental. – the experiment works’ Big Issue in the North , Nov 2002
  • ‘Intirguing solo foray – Fluid and three – dimensional’ Uncut , Dec 2002
  • ‘Low – key beauty’ Q Magazine , Dec 2002
  • ‘The sound is contemporary and heavily Lennon flavoured-impressive debut’ Live Magazine, Dec 2002