Aviator ‘All you Haters’ – Viper DL138

Released: 22nd of June 2020 – DOWNLOAD

Aviator AKA Pete Wilkinson (former bass player with Cast, Shack, Echo and The Bunnymen) releases his 5th album in June . Since the release of his debut solo album ‘Huxley Pig’ in 2002, Pete has continued with his DIY approach to recording with vintage analogue equipment and synths, consolidating his own unique sound. All the tracks here were laid down on the first or second take-helping greatly to capture the spontaneity, energy and magic of the supporting cast- which includes producer Paul Hemmings {La’s/Lightning Seeds) and former band mate Keith O’Neill (Cast).



1. Scarecrow
2. The Wrong Turn
3. All Around You (Omni)
4. K Tripper
5. All You Haters
7. The Ballad of Tempest Brown
8. Here Comes the Gun
9. Catching the Blues
10. Scarecrow (Reprise)