Aviator ‘AV8OR’ – Viper DL154

5th of December 2022  – DOWNLOAD

Aviator AKA Pete Wilkinson (former bass player with Cast, Shack, Echo and The Bunnymen) releases his 6th album in November. Recorded during lockdown 2020 to 2022, Pete continues to travel on his stunning musical journey, experimenting with electronic sounds and producing an album that is unique in it’s character yet still Aviator. Once again, aided by Producer Paul Hemmings (La’s/Lightning Seeds). The magic band of guest musicians includes the legendary drummer Chris Sharrock (Icicle Works, The La’s, Oasis, Lou Reed, etc etc) and Katy Halter on backing vocals. 

This album is available as a download from this website, Vinyl and CD’s are available now! HERE


  • Breakout & Drive
  • Doom Cloud
  • Johnny 23
  • Young Sunshine
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • The People You Eay (Ode to Tutti)
  • We Are The Soft Machine
  • Pleasant St
  • Fiebertraum


  • Instrumental #1
  • Astronaut’s Return
  • Johnny 23 (Extended Mix)


‘It’s a beautiful record, filled with stones melancholia. Very good for late nights and first-light mornings.’
Ted Kessler, the New Que, Dec 2022.

‘ A glorious psych rock album full of epic sound scapes. Highly recommended.’
Colours through the Air, Dec 2022.

‘ The album is full of electronic pulses, distant dream like vocals, ‘Sonic cathedrals of sound’, vintage synth patterns, ambience, & chimmy Mersey-psych. ‘
Also features in their top 50 albums of 2022.
Upwards@45 Degrees, Dec 2022.