Various ‘ROCKIN’ IN THE JUNGLE’ – 1950’s American Jungle Songs – CD/DL066

066Various ‘ROCKIN’ IN THE JUNGLE’ – 1950’s American Jungle Songs – CD/DL066

Released: 11th October 2010, Download and CD

After the dark years of World War Two, there still existed a notion of Africa as a land of mystery, a lost twilight world that was wild and untamed – Rock ‘n’ Roll (with it’s origins in the Rhythm and Blues that had evolved from the liberated slaves of African origin), became fascinated with the Dark Continent -Tarzan movies becoming particularly prevalent during the 1950’s.

This new and exciting era in popular music may not have been as enlightened as now, but it got toes tapping, legs swinging and hips shaking! We present in this unique compilation, for the first time, an important cultural record of a time long since gone, a collection of dangerous, pounding rhythms, Ape Calls and a menagerie of wild beasts proving to be an ideal theme for a Rock n Roll song-

Why not grab a vine and swing into action with this wild collection and go…… Rockin’ in the Jungle


  1. Bill Haley –Birth of The Boogie 1955
  2. Hank Mizell – Jungle Rock 1958
  3. Jerry Lee Lewis –Ubangi Stomp 1957
  4. Kip Tyler – Jungle Hop 1958
  5. Dave Bartholomew – The Monkey 1957
  6. The Playboys – Jungle Fever 1959
  7. Glen Reeves & his Rock-billys – Tarzan 1958
  8. The Velvet Angels – Jungle Fever 1958
  9. The Big Bopper – Monkey Song (You made a Monkey out of me) 1958
  10. The Eternals –Rockin’ in the Jungle 1959
  11. Jimmy Murphy – Baboon Boogie 1957
  12. Bo Diddley – Jungle 1959
  13. Hot Lips Page – Jungle King 1953
  14. Hank Thompson – Rockin’ in the Congo 1957
  15. The Cadets – Stranded in the Jungle 1956
  16. Big T Tyler – King Kong 1957
  17. Ray Sharpe – Monkeys Uncle 1959
  18. Guitar Gable – Congo Mambo 1956
  19. Eddy Seacrist and his Rollin’ Rockets – Able One 1958
  20. Rufus Thomas – Tiger Man (King of the Jungle) 1953
  21. Charlie Feathers – Jungle Fever 1958
  22. Hop Wilson –Rockin’ in the Coconut Top 1958
  23. Smokey Joe with the Clyde Leoppard Band – Signifying Monkey 1955
  24. Nervous Norvus – Ape Call 1956
  • ‘ This is a great collection with lots of obvious inclusions and several surprises. A great party record. I’ll bet they’ll love it down at the Zoo. ‘ Trevor Cajiao, Now Dig This, Nov 2010.
  • ‘ A great trip down a pioneering musical memory lane strewn with vines, creepers and exotic species. ‘  Tim Peacock, Whisperin’ and Hollerin’, Nov 2010.