Various ‘Out There – Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 2′ CD/DL-033

033Various ‘Out There – Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 2′ CD/DL-033

Released: 3rd of April 2006, CD-Download, Reissued: May 2010

The story continues with the release of this second volume of ‘Out There’. This rare collection tells the whole story of how Rock ‘n’ Roll came to take it’s place in world history , not just churning out the same old familiar names and places . We have dug deeper than anyone before to discover how Rock ‘n’ Roll evolved from tribal origins in Africa and North America : through to the Blues and Rap – and from European Folk Traditions : through to Country, Folk and Hillbilly music. ‘Out There’, we found a whole treasure trove of rare and original material by artists known or otherwise which takes you on a musical journey that is both fascinating and entertaining . This is a unique document showing the origins of one of the great phenomenon’s of the 20th Century. If you love music, you should own this album.



1. Johnny Guitar Watson – Space Guitar 1953 A recording way ahead of its time (Listen to the use of Echo). Sounding like Jimi Hendrix but in 1953.
2. Lightning Slim -She’s Gone Passionate raw Blues at its best.
3. Harlem Hamfats -Oh Red 1936 A track that was covered later by Howlin’ Wolf, Count Basie and The Ink Spots
4. Ella Fitzgerald – Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer 1951 The Queen of the Blues sings about ‘Little Green Men’- Wonderful !
5. Mississippi Jook Band – Hittin’ The Bottle Stomp 1936 Inspired Robert Johnson who could have sat in on this session.
6. Will Bradley Trio – Down The Road Apiece 1940 A Boogie Woogie classic.
7. Hank Williams – Rockin’ Chair Money 1949 A genius. A Rock star before Rock ‘n’ Roll was invented.
8. Louis Jordan- Saturday Night Fish Fry 1949 A contender for the first
Rock ‘n’ Roll record.
9. The Boswell Sisters – Rock and Roll 1934 The first mention of the term
‘Rock ‘n’ Roll.
10. Chet Atkins – Oh By Jingo! 1953 A guitarist who influenced Rock guitarists
even today.
11. Samantha Bumgarner & Eva Davis – Big-Eyed Rabbit 1924 An example of a early Rural stringband which sounds almost tribal.
12. Huichol Tribe – Peyote Dance Circa 1950 The rhythm of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
13. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn – Let That Liar Alone Circa 1930 A preacher that influenced Rap.
14. Billy Briggs – Alarm Clock Boogie 1951 Country Boogie at it’s best.
15. Wanda & Ruth Neal – Round Town Girls 1927 Rural music – ‘ Buffalo Girls Go Round The Outside’
16. Son House – My Black Mama pt 1 1930 Slide driven Blues influencing everyone from Robert Johnson to Led Zep.
17. Little Jimmy Dickens – Rockin’ With Red 1953 A Rockabilly standard.
18. Dock Boggs -Country Blues 1927 Talking Mountain Blues before Woddy Guthrie.
19. Dirty Red – Mother Fuyer 1947 A good example of rude Blues, a phenomenon that exists in Rock today.
20. The Picaninny Jug Band – You’ve Gotta Have That Thing’ 1932 One of the greatest Jug bands with what sounds like a mad Pop song.

  • ‘Fascinating’ Brian Clark,UK.Rock,April.2006
  • ‘Brilliant’ Rob Hughes, Uncut,May 2006
  • ‘This collection makes educative-and really entertaining-listening’ Florence Halfon, Record Collector,June 2006
  • ‘Collected together by people wholove this stuff andwho know alot about it’ Tim Peacock Whisperin’ and hollerin’ June 2006
  • ‘Lovingly assembled comps with tracks possessing the feral, barbarian spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ Ian Harrison, MOJO, Aug 2010.