Various ‘Out There – Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1′ CD/DL-025

025Various ‘Out There – Wild and Wondrous Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1′ CD/DL-025

Released: October 2004, CD-Download Reissued: May 2010

Albums telling the story of the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll have always done so in the same conservative, academic and predictable way.’Out There’, the Viper Label discovered a whole treasure trove of rare and original material by artists known or otherwise which takes you on a musical journey tracing the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll from its tribal origins in Africa and North America through to the blues and rap, to its European Folk Traditions through Country, Folk and Hillbilly music. This album is a fascinating, entertaining and unique document showing the origins of one of the great phenomenons of the 20th Century. If you love music, you should own this album.



1. Yaqui Tribe – Pascola Dance (North American Indian tribal dance with a rhythm of things to come) Circa 1952
2. Tunde King & his Group -Oba Oyinbo (African Blues) 1936
3. Charley Patton -High Water Everywhere (Rock ‘n’ Roll from this Black Indian Legend) 1929-34
4. Buddy Jones – Rockin’ Rollin’ Mama (Earlist known mention of the Rock ‘n’ Roll phrase on disc) 1940
5. Kanvi & Lula- Tomi Tomi (Totally unique Hawaiian performer ,wild guitar pickin’ and singing) 1933/34
6. Dave & Howard -Serves ’em Fine (Original Protest Folk Blues/Origins of the talking Blues style) 1931
7. Beale Street Sheiks – It’s a Good Thing (Considered to be the earliest Rap recording )(1927)
8. Phebel Wright – Lint Head Stomp (Bluegrass Mandolin Instrumental) 1946
9. Henry Thomas – Fox and the Hounds This recording is one of the earliest examples of rural Black music) 1927
10. Wilmoth Houdini – African Love Call (Innovative Arabian-calypso, telling the story of the African people 1934
11. Hoyle Nix & his West Texas Cowboys – A Big Balls in Cowtown (Western swing fun) 1949
12. Lidya Mendoza – Pero Hay Que Triste (Origins of the lone female Country singer) 1934
13. Eck Robinson-Sallie Gooden (Trad Hillbilly fiddle instrumental) 1922
14. Maddox Brothers & Rose – Shimmy Shakin’ Daddy Classic early Rockabilly) 1951
15. Lead Belly & the Golden Jubilee Quartet – Rock Island Line (The original skiffle song ushering in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Doo-wop) 1940
16. Blind Boy Fuller – Shake It (Hard Hitting Risque Blues) 1940
17. Callahan Brothers – Somebody’s Been Using That Thing (Hillbillies play with the Blues) 1937
18. Muddy Waters (featuring Little Walter) – Evans Shuffle (Ebony Boogie) (Rockin’ Harmonica with a tribal beat) 1951
19. Arkie Shibley & his Mountain Dew Boys – Dusty Blossom Boogie (Early Electric Guitar Boogie instrumental) 1952
20. Cecil Gant – Rock Little Baby (Boogie Piano/guitar and phrasings, pre- dating the Rock ‘n’ Roll age) 1951

  • ‘A mind altering retrospective of the 20th century’s greatest musical phenomenom-historically thorough and fascinating’ Florence Halfon, Record Collector, Dec 2004
  • ‘An instructive, highly entertaining collection’ Ian Cranna, Q Magazine, Dec 2004
  • ‘Not your average ‘Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll compilation- demonstrates there was Rock ‘n’ Roll long before Showaddywaddy made it popular’ Now Dig This, Dec 2004
  • ‘Fascinating ,Exciting educational and thoroughly enjoyable. ‘ Out There ‘ reveals the sturdyroots that support every branch of popular music’ Paul McGuinness, HMV Magazine, Dec 2004
  • ‘Out There’ is more than a wonderful timepiece, it’s a timely instruction manuel for any would-be rock ‘n’ roller in search of direction as well as inspiration-impressive and well chosen compilation’ Whisperin’ & a Hollerin’ , Feb 2005
  • ‘Lovingly assembled comps with tracks possessing the feral, barbarian spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ Ian Harrison, MOJO, Aug 2010.