Various ‘Lets Get Drunk Again’ CD/DL-031

031Various ‘Lets Get Drunk Again’ CD/DL-031

Released: October 2005. CD-Download

A unique collection of original, alcohol fuelled/influenced Blues, Bluegrass, Hillbilly & R ‘n’ B from 1920’s to 1950’s America including Robert Johnson, Louis Jordan, Bessie Smith, The Dixon Brothers and many rare & wonderful artists.
The Major reason for starting this project was the realization that no one had ever attempted to put together a collection like this before, taking in all the genres of Blues, Hillbilly, Bluegrass and R ‘n’ B drink related music. Alcohol has played an important part in most civilizations with the 20th Century being no exception, especially with the birth of Popular music. Many musicians would write songs about their drinking and its effects, this music being influenced and played in the drinking dens and speakeasys of the times. It was an essential part of the blues and all the other musical genres, times were hard and drinking could get you through. These songs tell stories of people’s lives through heartbreak, prohibition, the colour of your skin, post- war affluency – in many ways are a social history lesson.Raise your glass and lets all toast these unsung heroes.



1. Drunk – Jimmy Liggins 1953
2. Blues in a Bottle- Prince Albert Hunt 1928
3. Whiskey Do Your Stuff – Louis Jordan 1954
4. If the River was Whiskey – Charlie Poole with the North Carolina
Ramblers 1930
5. Drinkin’ Wine Spo-dee-o-dee- Stick Mc Ghee & his Buddies 1949
6. The Gin House Blues – Bessie Smith 1926
7. Paddy won’t you Drink some Cider- Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickers 1928
8. C.V Wine – Howlin’ Wolf 1952
9. Drunkard’s Special- Coley Jones 1929
10. Good,Good,Whiskey- Amos Milburn 1954
11. Lets Get Drunk Again – Bo Carter 1938
12. Drunkard’s Hiccoughs – TJ.E Mainer’s Mountaineers 1939
13. Alcohol – Paul Williams 1952
14. Drunken Hearted Man – Robert Johnson 1937
15. Thirsty Mama Blues – The Hot Lips Page Trio 1940
16. The Old Home Brew – The Dixon Brothers 1937
17. Juiced – Billy Love 1951
18. Jake Walk Blues – The Allen Brothers 1930
19. Moonshine Man Blues – Peter Cleighton with Blind John Davis 1941
20. Wine,Women,Whiskey – Papa Lightfoot 1954

  • ‘These witty and sometimes historically relevant alehouse tunes are a great example of US folk songwriting at its best’ Florence Halfon, Record Collector, Dec 2005
  • ‘Many highlights’ Tim Peacock, Whisperin’and Hollerin’ June 2006